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10 Safety Tips That Can Keep Safe While Driving Through Flood

Really, who doesn’t enjoy the rain? in a land as hot as Nigeria’s.Heavy rain is not the only thing that irritates drivers; the wet seasons also have higher accident rates. According to statistics from the Nigeria Auto Council, wet pavements and roads are to blame for at least 1 million instances, or 1/4 of all traffic accidents.

There are two basic causes for this. First, when it rains, a thin layer of water remains on the ground, considerably reducing tire friction and making steering and braking more difficult. Additionally, it limits driver visibility, particularly when rain is traveling in numerous directions. We all detest driving in the rain, but since it is necessary, we should take the following simple safety measures.

Consistently clean windshields 

Many of us let the dust build up until it became completely obscured (so we wouldn’t have to spend money on car cleaning). Instead, quickly clean the windshield each time you park your car or get home. Remember to clean both the front and rear to ensure a clear driving view.

Do not use high beams of light

Contrary to popular opinion, main beam headlights would be detrimental in this situation since they would reflect the light back to you, further obstructing your vision of the road.

Verify the water level

As a general guideline, you should avoid an area where the water is higher than the bottom of the car doors or, if you’re being extra cautious, higher than two-thirds of the wheel.

If necessary, drive more cautiously and pay attention to the direction of the water. Ideally, you should drive closely behind any large vehicle that is currently moving forward since its speed will momentarily lower the water level behind you. 

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Additionally, avoid engaging your brake since doing so would require you to restart your engine, which is a huge cautionary sign while traveling on a route that has been flooded. Just slightly release your foot from the throttle pedal. If the water level rises any more, as previously said, take another path or just stop. The lives of both you and the engine of your automobile are not worth the danger.

Show patience

In the rain, your automobile would likely slide rather than run. In this situation, steering gently and waiting for the rear of the car to catch up to the front, or steering into the skid, is advised. Even though it’s not recommended without the anti-lock feature, you may still utilize your brake. If at all possible, get your car ABS brakes.

Pay attention to detail 

The following are the things you should be aware of when driving in the rain: obstacles in your path. To be ready for inclement weather, it’s also a good idea to repair the broken windshield wipers. Regularly inspect the tires’ tread to see whether it can still be seen, as well as the brakes.

Clean your vehicle before driving through the rain

Do you know that after a prolonged dry spell, the rain makes the roadways very slick?

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This is due to the fact that when you drive your automobile just after it has rained, the dust from those dry days will combine with any lingering oils and precipitation to create an oily combination. Your tires’ and the roads’ friction will be reduced as a result, particularly at junctions where many vehicles wait for the traffic signal and the mixes are released onto the streets. In order to avoid driving on certain days, wash your car before leaving.

Put your dipped headlights on

Even when there is only a few drops of rain, it is strongly advised to switch on your headlights because it will improve both your visibility and other drivers’. Just be careful to switch on the dipped lights rather than the main ones since water drops act as mirrors, reflecting the powerful light back at you and impairing your eyes, which is ultimately counterproductive.

Watch out for water-filled potholes in the road

Sometimes there are puddles on the roadways after the rain. Some of them are small, while some hide enormous holes inside. Before stepping into the puddle, be sure you can gauge its depth. Best case scenario: avoid large puddles by taking a short detour instead of holding your breath at intervals.

Drive in the middle of the lane

Roads are frequently built with side ditches to collect water. In order to avoid driving through water that has accumulated after rain, drive closer to the middle of the road if it is not too congested. 

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Do not apply the brakes 

It is advisable to slow down by really slowing down rather than slamming on the brakes since wet roads are particularly slick. Simply let off the gas pedal gradually to allow the car to slow down on its own. To prevent stopping suddenly, you really must look behind you for any automobiles and softly use the brakes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do During a Flood Warning or Flash Flood Warning

Do not walk through flowing water. Most drownings occur during flash floods. …
Remember the phrase “Turn Around, Don’t Drown!” Don’t drive through flooded roads. Cars can be swept away in only two feet of moving water. …
Do not drive around road barriers.

How do I know if water got into my engine?

Pull the engine oil and transmission fluid dipsticks and differential plug. If the fluid appears milky, diluted, is no longer its original color or is beige in color, then it is likely the pans contain water. The vehicle should be towed to your repair shop.


When driving in the rain, keep your speed down to the absolute minimum so you have time to respond to any obstacles. In the rain, it can often be more difficult to detect obstacles and debris. Additionally, to be extra assured, slow down even more when you encounter puddles.


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