5 Courses To Study To Escape Unemployment in Nigeria

December 20th, 2021

Medicine,pharmacy,Med lab sci and nursing is excluded from this list because they are professional courses that guarantees employment opportunities in Nigeria.

Every Nigerian university,polytechnic or college aspirants are always looking forward to studying courses that can earn them a noble profession not just because of the respect the society might give them but also due to unemployment in Nigeria.

5 Course with high employment opportunities in Nigeria.These courses includes:

1)Computer science

2)Engineering courses

3)Agricultural science




1)Computer science:the world presently is referred to as a global village.In a digital age such as this the need for Tech/computer literates are in high demand in different parts of the world with Nigeria included.Computer science according to the stats is one of the best  course to study in Nigeria as jobs are always in plentiful for them.A graduate of computer science in Nigeria can work as a web developer,data analyst,software engineer etc some of them also startup their own blogs to earn money (although anybody can start up a blog).


2)Engineering courses:Engineering courses such as Petroleum engineering,civil engineering,mechanical engineering,Electrical engineering and so on are usually in high demand .For example the Petroleum engineers are recruited every year by the Nigerian National petroleum corporation (nnpc).


3)Agriculture science:agric sci is one of the most lucrative course to study in Nigeria .Most Nigerians don’t really know how  profitable,marketable and employable this course actually is.some think it is a dirty profession others think 5years is a waste of time to study a course that teaches how to become a farmer.well agricultural science is more than what they actually think. People with a degree in agricultural science can decide to be self employed and generate good income for themselves.


4)Accounting:can you imagine a country without accountants?hell no! They are in charge of auditing financial records in an organization.with different businesses on the rise the demand for accountants presently are on high.


5)Chemistry:most chemistry graduates,students or aspirants have absolutely no idea what they can do or would do with a degree in chemistry.Graduating with a degree in chemistry one can decide to work as a quality control officer, quality assurance officer or a research assistant etc .The professions mentioned above are needed in most production or manufacturing industries.



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