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5 Things To Consider Before Buying Your First-Ever Electric Car

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The future of cars will go from gas-powered to hybrid and then fully electric. Many automakers are ensuring this as they keep building EV cars to stand a chance in the future.

What this means is that the days are numbered for gas-powered cars. In the future, many car owners will be turning towards EV vehicles.

However, if you are making the current decision to buy EV cars, there are certain things you need to take note of before you order that car. This article lists five essential things to put into consideration.

Five Things To Consider Before Paying For An EV Car

  1. Driving Range
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It’s essential to know the range of the electric car before buying. Range describes how far the electric car can travel on a fully charged battery or a single charge. Before buying, determine if the range is enough to meet your daily driving requirements.

Most EV cars today offer 200 or more miles of range. So, make sure to find out this to avoid buying a car that the battery does not last you, at least for an entire day.

  1. Charging Time

You don’t want to buy a car that takes 24 hours to charge. Charging time is an essential factor to consider. Depending on the battery size and specification, an EV can take between 4-12 hours to charge on an empty battery fully. Top off should be about 30 minutes or more. 

  1. Electricity Cost
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You know that when you spend less on gas with your EV car, you’ll be spending more on electricity.

Before buying that electric car, find out how much it’ll be costing you in terms of electricity. 

  1. Cost Of Ownership & Maintenance

Electric vehicles don’t come cheap, especially if bringing them to Nigeria. Currently, in the country, charging stations are not available everywhere. There are only designated places you can find them. For instance, you can’t enjoy your electric car in some smaller cities and towns in Nigeria because you won’t find charging stations.

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So, calculate how much maintenance it’ll be in Nigeria. However, many Nigerians who have EVs use them for pleasure rides, not daily commutes.

  1. Find Out If You Need A Home Charger

This is another thing to consider if you have an EV in Nigeria. Find out if you need to install a charger in your home so that you can always enjoy the freedom and ease of charging in your house. Also, make sure that experts do the installation in this field to avoid fire hazards and electrical issues in your home.


Owning an EV comes with several things to know. These things even increase when you own this car in Nigeria. So, make sure you are taking all of these into account.

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