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7 Reasons You Should Be Scared Of Buying A BMW In Nigeria

BMW has been side-by-side with Mercedes-Benz for years, but people are hesitant to buy a BMW car in Nigeria. Discover why and how to overcome this fear. The most popular luxury brand with the Nigerian elite has been Mercedes-Benz for many years, and its biggest competitor in the world is BMW and Lexus in Nigeria. 

The odd thing about Nigeria is that you rarely see BMW competing with Lexus or Mercedes-Benz on the main roads. The reason is most are afraid of buying luxury cars without knowing how they would perform. Of course. Why should you be afraid to buy a car for yourself? The reason may be that everyone speaks negatively about cars. Owning a BMW isn’t the problem but owning one in this country is another thing. But with guide 

Spare parts are expensive 

BMW Spare parts are expensive 
BMW Spare parts are expensive 

BMW parts in Nigeria are expensive. Unlike Mercedes-Benz and Lexus, BMW parts are not readily available everywhere. This makes it easier for parts suppliers to set a higher price for the cost. When it comes to basic routine maintenance (car maintenance), BMW cars also have special motor oils that are more expensive than regular motor oils that can be used in other vehicles like Toyota, Honda, Lexus, etc. BMW counterfeit parts will fail quickly, and your car will spend more time in the mechanic’s workshop. Plus, BMWs aren’t for those who don’t have the motivation to spend enough money on their daily run.

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Listen to BMW anytime

Listen to BMW anytime
Listen to BMW anytime

BMW is the ultimate driver of its machine. BMW has always maintained its reputation for having the best-performing powertrains, whether in the Sport Edition or the Regular Edition.

So every fault in the drive train will affect the handling of the BMW, and the car will report it immediately. For example, in a Toyota car, if you drive it with a bad spark plug or ignition coil, you won’t easily notice it. At BMW, you’ll quickly notice a component failure while you’re driving your car. BMW engine malfunctions should be corrected as soon as they are noticed so as not to affect other components.

There are very few BMW technicians in Nigeria

BMW is a car brand that always needs professional mechanics and technicians. BMW car repair and maintenance require a lot of technical know-how. Nonetheless, BMW car specialists are very rare in Nigeria, with only a few BMW dealers affiliated.

Many abandoned BMWs are seen due to a lack of technicians. BMW technicians are scattered all over the country, but they are few in number, so find a BMW technician and build a good relationship.

Electrical problems are common. Be prepared

BMW is a company that constantly uses many electrical components to improve the performance of its vehicles. But most people think the company is just making life more difficult by simplifying the car’s systems.

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Electrical components are small and require only a high level of technical knowledge to be properly serviced. This is another reason why you should have your car cared for by an experienced BMW technician.

Problems with air conditioning, dashboard warning lights, and other electrical components are common on newer BMWs. If they are not properly repaired, the car quickly loses value and becomes obsolete.

Check for leaks or damage

What Are Common Causes of Water Leaking from Under a Car
What Are Common Causes of Water Leaking from Under a Car

The BMW does not have a reputation for constantly leaking coolant and oil due to damaged critical components such as water pumps, engine gaskets, and oil pans.

This means that a visual inspection should be done from time to time to look for leaks in the engine compartment. Also, BMW uses a lot of plastic parts. BMW uses plastic for critical components. We are in Nigeria, where the sun is always acidic, so it tends to crack and new parts are needed from time to time. This problem occurs when the car vibrates excessively when braking at high speeds.  

How a warped rotor causes vibrations

How a warped rotor cause vibrations
How a warped rotor causes vibrations

BMW cars used in Nigeria are prone to this problem, so you should be aware of it. Bad roads ruin the suspension system, and excessive heat distorts the brake discs.

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 Buying a used BMW is not the only problem there is. Most sellers of used BMW cars in Nigeria sell because they want to buy another BMW or because they are fed up with the problems the car is giving them.


Considering all Issues after viewing this blog, are you still afraid of buying a BMW, it is advised you get a well-experienced technician to avoid any problems with the car. The BMW is not a bad buy. The good thing about BMW cars is that you can get the most out of every drive if you take care of the issues properly.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Should I buy a BMW in Nigeria?

Yes, buy the ultimate driving machine, that I’d the BMW.  But be careful with the seven secrets we highlighted above. If you want a truly hassle-free BMW experience, have a mechanic handy.  

Where can I buy a BMW in Nigeria?

You can buy a brand new and fairly used car at carmart.ng. Our website hosts a large collection of automobiles for sale. If you’d like any more information concerning our services, you can reach us via our other platforms.


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