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7 Unusual Things That Leads To Deadly Car Accidents

There are some obvious causes of deadly car accidents. However, some other things cause deadly accidents. Most of these things are often unexpected, which surprises everyone when they happen. Here are some of the unusual causes of deadly accidents we don’t discuss enough.

Bottle Water Container In A Car

Taking bottled water and littering in your car can lead to a serious car accident. Here’s how it manifests. When the container is dropped around the floor area of the driver’s area of the car, it rolls as you drive, and there is a high possibility that it rolls behind your car’s brake pedal.

When it gets stuck behind your brake pedal, you won’t know because your attention is not conscious of an ordinary water bottle dropped on the car floor. But, when you want to brake during an emergency, the bottle behind the pedal makes your pedal get stuck, and braking will become impossible. This can lead to a serious accident.

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Normal Driving In The Rain

Once it starts raining, you should automatically reduce your speed rate by 50 per cent because the floor is now wet. Driving fast when it’s raining is dangerous because you can hardly see clearly. Driving at high speed when it’s raining has been the major cause of many deadly car accidents.


Tailgating is when a driver drives too close to the car ahead of him, just like in a race car competition. You might think tailgating shows you off as a professional driver, but it’s unprofessional and causes a lot of accidents. Tailgating a driver ahead of you limits your reaction time if the car ahead suddenly stops. You’ll be held responsible if an accident occurs.

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Animal Crossing

Many Nigerian drivers don’t realize how dangerous running into an animal can be. Along the routes that animals like cows cross, the best thing to do is slam a brake immediately after seeing them. Moving too close to the animals when they’ve not fully crossed the road, they can stop and run into your car, which can destroy your car.

Arguing With A Backseat Rider

Avoid engaging in an argument with someone sitting behind you. It divides your attention, and once it is divided, it affects your focus, which can cause a drastic accident.

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Reversing Without Mirrors

Some drivers reverse their cars without looking into the side mirror and rely on their instincts. The mirror is where you’re supposed to draw your predictions for movement. Reversing without the aid of the side mirror can lead to a serious accident with an oncoming vehicle.

Driving Without Lights At Night

As dangerous as this is, many people still do it at night, which can cause serious accidents and damage to your car. Driving without lights at night blindsides you to the possible dangers on the road.


It’s not only obvious issues that cause car accidents. Some of the things we neglect lead to serious car accidents. The above-listed is among them.


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