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Biography and Networth

Akrobeto Biography: Age, Wife, Net Worth, Parents, Siblings, Girlfriend, Funny Videos, Pictures

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Akwasi Boadi, professionally known as Akrobeto, is a renowned Ghanaian actor, comedian, and TV presenter. He was born on November 18, 1962, in Ayirebi, a small town in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Akrobeto gained widespread recognition for his distinctive facial expressions, impeccable timing, and unique brand of humor, which has endeared him to audiences across the country and beyond.

Akrobeto Wife and Children

Akrobeto is happily married to Georgina Johnson, and the couple has three children together. He takes pride in showcasing his family on social media, portraying himself as a devoted family man.

Akrobeto Net Worth

The accomplished entertainer has amassed an estimated net worth of $180,000 through his successful career in acting, comedy, and television presenting.

Akrobeto Instagram and Social Media Channels

You can keep up with Akrobeto through his official social media accounts. He often shares updates, funny anecdotes, and glimpses into his personal life with his fans.

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Akrobeto Girlfriend

In the provided information, there is no mention of a girlfriend associated with Akrobeto.

Akrobeto House and Cars

Details about Akrobeto’s residence and car collection are not provided in the information provided.

Akrobeto Age and Real Name

Akwasi Boadi, known by his stage name Akrobeto, was born on November 18, 1962. As of now, he would be around 60 years old.

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Akrobeto Tribe and Religion

There is no information about Akrobeto’s tribe or religion in the provided details.

Akrobeto State of Origin

Akwasi Boadi, aka Akrobeto, hails from Ayirebi, which is located in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

Akrobeto Phone Number and WhatsApp Number

Contact information such as phone number and WhatsApp number is not provided for Akrobeto.

Akrobeto Residential House Address

The specific residential address of Akrobeto is not mentioned in the provided information.

Akrobeto Educational Background and Schools Attended

Akrobeto completed his basic education at the Ayirebi L/A Primary School. He later attended the Akim State College, where he honed his acting skills despite not having formal training in comedy. His inherent talent and charisma set him apart from his peers.

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Akrobeto Career and Source of Wealth

Akrobeto’s career began in the 1990s when he joined the popular Ghanaian comedy show “Keysoap Concert Party.” His exceptional talent, characterized by his unique facial expressions and gestures, quickly made him a favorite among audiences. He transitioned into acting and gained acclaim in Ghanaian and African cinema. Akrobeto is also a prominent television presenter, hosting “The Real News with Akrobeto,” a satirical news program that has garnered international recognition. His outstanding contributions to the entertainment industry have earned him numerous awards, including Best Actor in a Supporting Role at the Ghana Movie Awards and the Special Recognition Award at the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards. These accolades highlight his exceptional acting skills and the impact he has made in the entertainment scene in Ghana and Africa.

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