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Biography and Networth

Ama K. Abebrese Biography: Age, Husband, Net Worth, Parents, Siblings, Boyfriend, House, Child, Movies

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Ama K. Abebrese, a talented British-Ghanaian actress, television presenter, and producer, was born on May 3, 1980, in Kumasi, Ghana. She spent her formative years in both Ghana and the United Kingdom, growing up in a multicultural environment that shaped her artistic sensibilities and worldview.

Ama K. Abebrese Husband and Children

As of the latest information available, Ama K. Abebrese’s relationship status is not married. She has not revealed detailed information about her personal life, including her husband, if any, or children.

Ama K. Abebrese Net Worth

Ama K. Abebrese’s diverse career as an actress, television presenter, and producer has contributed to her estimated net worth of $300,000.

Ama K. Abebrese Biography Instagram and Social Media Channels

Ama K. Abebrese is active on social media platforms such as Instagram, where she shares insights into her career, advocacy work, and personal life. You can follow her on Instagram @amakabebrese.

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Ama K. Abebrese Boyfriend

Details about Ama K. Abebrese’s romantic relationships, including her boyfriend, are not publicly known.

Ama K. Abebrese House and Cars

Specific details about Ama K. Abebrese’s residence and car collection are not readily available.

Ama K. Abebrese Age and Real Name

Ama K. Abebrese was born on May 3, 1980, which makes her 43 years old as of the current date. Her full real name is Ama Konadu Abebrese.

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Ama K. Abebrese Tribe and Religion

Ama K. Abebrese hails from the Ashanti tribe and her religion is not prominently known, but she has used her platform to support causes related to education, women’s empowerment, and child welfare.

Ama K. Abebrese State of Origin

Ama K. Abebrese’s state of origin is Kumasi, which is also her birthplace.

Ama K. Abebrese Phone Number and WhatsApp Number

Personal contact details like phone numbers and WhatsApp numbers are private information and are not typically shared publicly by celebrities.

Ama K. Abebrese Residential House Address

Ama K. Abebrese’s residential house address is not disclosed to the public to maintain her privacy and security.

Ama K. Abebrese Educational Background and Schools Attended

Ama K. Abebrese pursued her education in the United Kingdom, where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Media Arts from the University of West London. This educational background laid a strong foundation for her creative arts career.

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Ama K. Abebrese Career and Source of Wealth

Ama K. Abebrese’s career has been marked by impressive performances in acting, television presenting, and producing. She gained recognition for her role in the Ghanaian television series “Suncity” and later starred in various films such as “Sinking Sands,” for which she won an African Movie Academy Award. She has also been a television presenter on shows like “A Day in the Life” and “New Day.” Her contributions to the entertainment industry and media have contributed to her wealth and popularity. Additionally, she is known for her advocacy work in areas such as education, women’s empowerment, and child welfare.

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