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Apple Set To Launch The First-Ever Apple Car In 2025

Apple CEO Tim Cook says the world’s first-ever Apple car will be officially revealed in 2025. The car is set out to introduce some insane car features that have never been seen in the history of cars. Of course, Apple, which has no prior records in car making, is partnering with several automakers, accompanied by its extensive technological track record, to make this a reality.

Apple Car Speculated Concept
Apple Car Speculated Concept

While the car is yet to be officially released, we’ve scoured and gathered exciting things to keep you informed about this Apple car that’ll be showcased to the world in less than three years.

What To Know About The First-Ever Apple Car Coming In 2025

Speculated rear view design of the Apple car

Apple has been working on this car since 2014, and during this time, Apple has called the project off and on, and it still has a long way to go.

Currently, Apple refers to the car as the “Project Titan” for now. 

The Apple car has two top priorities. It will have revolutionary autonomous driving and safety, a self-driving car only controlled by a device. Apple is making sure of this by not including not even a steering wheel or a brake-control pedal. However, there might be a secretly installed steering wheel in case of an emergency. If Apple includes this feature, the emergence steering can only be accessed with a button. This means the car can go from autonomous driving to manual just with a button press.

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In the interior, Apple is looking to remodel the seating arrangement we see in regular cars. Instead, the idea is to make the seats face each other like a lounge.

Inside Speculated rear view design of the Apple car
Inside Speculated rear view design of the Apple car

Following the autonomous car release plan, Apple already has over 60 autonomous cars they are currently testing and experimenting with. However, the test cars are not Apple cars; they are rented cars from brands like Lexus, which install cameras and lenses for the test.

Another thing Apple is working on suggests that this car might not have the regular car key. Instead, your iPhone or Apple Watch will serve as your unlock or lock key. It will undoubtedly be a high-end car since it integrates many Apple iOS features.

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At this point, Apple has all the ideas ready for this car, but they are currently looking for partners to build this car.

The company has conversations with renowned automakers like Nissan, Hyundai-Kia and Porsche.

Apple has also officially received a license from the DMV (The Department of Motor Vehicles in California) to test these autonomous cars.

From everything gathered, the Apple car will have a minimalistic, futuristic, clean and classic look.

The top of the car is going to be a huge panoramic glass panel that will ultimately illuminate the interior of the car with natural sunlight, making the car look like a spaceship.

The Apple car might not come with door handles. It doesn’t even have any door seams, and that’s because the car will only come with one gigantic door that opens up the batman style and gives you access to any seat inside of the car.

The exterior will have one huge black panel loaded with cameras and sensors to allow for fully autonomous driving. There’ll be sleek daytime running lights surrounding the panel, and the headlights will be integrated into the grille. 

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Now, there might be a wireless charging feature. But there’s no certainty this will go since wireless charging is not good on car batteries. But Apple looks for revolutionary features and might find a way around this.

The rear will have a minimalistic taillight with small fin turn signals and the Apple logo integrated into the frame as a light. The rear has a super aerodynamic shape which will help its overall range.

Inside Speculated rear view design of the Apple car
Inside Speculated rear view design of the Apple car

Inside the car, there’ll be a huge touchscreen on the door with apps you can use, just like pressing Apps on your Ipad or iPhone. There’s also going to be a FaceTime camera which allows passengers have meetings while inside the car.


Apple is bringing a new perspective to cars and driving with their “Project Titan” Apple car. Just like Apple’s pattern of always wanting to stay ahead of anything in the market, the idea is that the Apple car will be something ahead of other cars already in the market.


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