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Biography and Networth

Arnold Contreras Biography: Age, Wife, Net Worth, Parents, Siblings, Family, Height, Weight, House

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In the world of internet personalities and tattoo artists, Arnold Contreras stands out as a popular figure. He was born on August 6, 1981, in Kern County, California, where he was raised alongside his brother, Christopher Contreras. Arnold’s parents, Placida and Rodrigo Contreras, are Mexican immigrants who settled in California before he was born.

Arnold Contreras Early Life and Education:

Growing up in Kern County, Arnold Contreras completed both his elementary and high school education in California. He had a close-knit family, living with his siblings, parents, and kids in his parents’ house.

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Arnold Contreras Career:

Arnold Contreras found his passion in the world of tattoos and piercing. He is a skilled tattoo artist and piercer, as evident from images on his Facebook page. In one of the snapshots, he is seen working on a tattoo. His talent and expertise have gained him popularity as a local artist.

Arnold Contreras Personal Life:

Arnold Contreras was previously in a romantic relationship with Pearl Fernandez. The couple later went their separate ways, and Arnold shared a home with her until then. Together, they had three children: Virginia, Ezequiel, and Gabriel. They all lived together in Pacoima.

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Arnold Contreras Net Worth:

As a successful tattoo artist and internet personality, Arnold Contreras has built a net worth of $200,000.


Arnold Contreras has made a name for himself as a skilled tattoo artist and internet personality. With his talent and popularity, he continues to leave a mark in the world of tattoos and piercing. Despite facing challenges in his personal life, Arnold remains dedicated to his craft and the love he has for his children.

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