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Biography and Networth

Bartolo Buddy Valastro III Biography: Age, Wife, Net Worth, Parents, Siblings, Wikipedia, Instagram

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Bartolo Buddy Valastro III, born on September 27, 1996, in New Jersey, USA, is an American internet personality and the son of the renowned celebrity chef, Buddy Valastro. His father is widely recognized as the charming host of TLC programs like Cake Boss, Kitchen Boss, and The Next Great Baker. In this blog post, we will delve into Bartolo Buddy Valastro III’s early life, education, and career, as well as shed light on his family’s influence on his journey to prominence.

Bartolo Buddy Valastro III Early Life and Education:

Bartolo Buddy Valastro III was born in New Jersey as the child of Buddy and Elisabetta “Lisa” Valastro. He grew up alongside his three siblings: Sofia Valastro, Marco Valastro, and Carlo Salvatore Valastro. He is also the grandchild of Mary Valastro and Bartolo “Buddy” Valastro, and nephew to Lisa Gonzalez, Mary Sciarrone, Maddalena Castano, and Grace Faugno. The Valastro family tree extends further, with Bartolo being a cousin to Teresa, John, and Isabella Gonzalez, Robert Faugno, Bartolina Faugno, Mary, Dominique, and Bartolo Castano, Joseph and Lucia Sciarrone, and Teresa, John, and Isabella Faugno.

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Bartolo Buddy Valastro III Career:

Being the son of the famous chef, Buddy Valastro, played a significant role in Bartolo Buddy Valastro III’s rise to prominence. His father’s immense popularity as the host of TLC’s Cake Boss, Kitchen Boss, and The Next Great Baker cast a spotlight on him as well. Bartolo Buddy Valastro III was deeply influenced by his family’s baking expertise and business acumen, which led him to produce his own spin-off program, The Next Great Baker. Additionally, he has authored two Cake Boss books, further solidifying his presence in the culinary world.

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Bartolo Buddy Valastro III Net Worth:

As the son of Buddy Valastro, a renowned celebrity chef, Bartolo Buddy Valastro III is part of a wealthy family. His father’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million.

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Bartolo Buddy Valastro III Personal Life:

At present, Bartolo Buddy Valastro III seems to be focused on his academics and professional development. He is likely to continue carrying forward the culinary legacy of his famous family.


Bartolo Buddy Valastro III has carved his path to fame, thanks to the influence of his father, Buddy Valastro. With a prominent family background and a passion for baking, he has already made his mark in the culinary world. As he continues to grow and develop, we can expect to see more of this rising star in the future.

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