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Biography and Networth

Bisa Kdei Biography: Age, Cars, Religion, Height, Wife, House, Kids, Girlfriend

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Ronald Kweku Dei Appiah, better known by his stage name Bisa Kdei, is a talented Ghanaian solo singer and record producer. He was born on March 19, 1986, in Accra, Ghana. Bisa Kdei is celebrated for his soulful voice, captivating melodies, and his unique ability to blend traditional highlife music with contemporary Afrobeat sounds.

Bisa Kdei’s Early Life and Education

From an early age, Bisa Kdei displayed a deep passion for music and began nurturing his skills by participating in church choirs. He drew inspiration from renowned artists such as Osibisa, Daddy Lumba, and Amakye Dede, who greatly influenced his musical aspirations.

Bisa Kdei continued his education in Accra and later pursued a degree in Marketing at the University of Cape Coast. Despite his academic pursuits, he remained dedicated to music and actively participated in talent shows and performances on campus, which laid the foundation for his future music career and business endeavors.

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Bisa Kdei’s Career

Bisa Kdei’s breakthrough came with his hit single “Azonto Ghost” in 2012, which not only introduced him to the music scene but also showcased his dance moves. Following the success of the song, he released his debut album “Thanksgiving” in 2013. Bisa Kdei’s subsequent songs, such as “Mansa,” “Brother Brother,” “Asew,” and “Sika,” garnered millions of views and streams on digital platforms, solidifying his position as a prominent Ghanaian artist.

His unique blend of highlife and Afrobeats, coupled with his heartfelt storytelling, resonated with audiences globally. Bisa Kdei’s contributions to the music industry earned him multiple award nominations and wins, including the prestigious Ghana Music Awards.

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Bisa Kdei Wife and Children

Bisa Kdei has kept his personal life relatively private, so there is limited information available about his marital status and children.

Bisa Kdei Net Worth

Bisa Kdei’s estimated net worth is $5 million. His success in music, live performances, brand endorsements, and business ventures, including a clothing line, have all contributed to his substantial wealth.

Bisa Kdei Instagram and Social Media Channels

Bisa Kdei maintains an active presence on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. He uses these platforms to connect with his fans, share updates about his music, and occasionally offer glimpses into his personal life.

Bisa Kdei Girlfriend

Details about Bisa Kdei’s current relationship status or girlfriend are not widely known.

Bisa Kdei House and Cars

Specific details about Bisa Kdei’s house and cars are not readily available in the provided information.

Bisa Kdei Age and Real Name

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Bisa Kdei was born on March 19, 1986, which makes him [age] years old as of [current date]. His real name is Ronald Kweku Dei Appiah.

Bisa Kdei Tribe and Religion

Bisa Kdei’s tribe is Akan, which is one of the largest ethnic groups in Ghana. Information about his specific religious beliefs is not mentioned in the provided details.

Bisa Kdei Educational Background and Schools Attended

Bisa Kdei pursued a degree in Marketing at the University of Cape Coast. Details about other schools he attended are not provided.

Bisa Kdei Career and Source of Wealth

Bisa Kdei’s career in music has been the primary source of his wealth. His music sales, live performances, awards, and business ventures, including a clothing line, have contributed to his financial success. He is recognized for his ability to blend traditional highlife music with modern Afrobeat influences, creating a unique and captivating musical style that resonates with audiences worldwide.

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