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Biography and Networth

Bradley McIntosh Biography and Net Worth 2023

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Bradley McIntosh is a British singer, rapper, record producer, and actor, known for his successful career in music and acting. With a net worth of $7 million in 2023, he has gained popularity through his work in the entertainment industry. This article provides a comprehensive overview of Bradley McIntosh’s life, career, achievements, and more.


Bradley McIntosh was born on August 8, 1981, in Lambeth, London, United Kingdom. He grew up in a musically inclined family, with parents Lorraine and Steve McIntosh, who achieved success with The Cool Notes. Bradley’s passion for music and performing led him to pursue a career in singing and rapping from a young age.

Career Highlights:

Bradley’s career took off in 1999 when he appeared on the TV series “Miami 7.” He then joined the popular group S Club 7, where he became a prominent member and contributed to the group’s success. He released various singles throughout his career, including “No Regrets” in 2010.

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In addition to his music career, Bradley ventured into acting and made his debut in the movie “Seeing Double” in 2003. He also appeared in TV shows such as “Boyfriends & Birthdays,” “Hollywood 7,” and “The Greatest Store in the World.” Bradley’s talents extended to production work as well.

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Net Worth Growth:

Bradley McIntosh’s net worth has seen consistent growth over the years:

  • 2023: $7.0 Million
  • 2022: $6.5 Million
  • 2021: $6.0 Million
  • 2020: $5.5 Million
  • 2019: $5.0 Million
  • 2018: $4.5 Million

Personal Life:

Bradley McIntosh married Megan Firth in 2007. He remains private about his personal affairs and keeps his family life away from the public eye.

Social Media Presence:

Bradley is active on social media platforms, with a significant following:

  • Instagram: Almost 33.7K Followers
  • Twitter: Almost 24.9K Followers
  • Facebook: Almost 4.1K Followers
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Bradley McIntosh attended Greenshaw High School, where he combined his studies with a budding interest in music. His dedication to learning and pursuing his passion laid the foundation for his successful career.


Bradley McIntosh’s journey from a musically inclined family to becoming a British singer, rapper, and actor with a net worth of $7 million showcases his talent and dedication. With contributions to music, acting, and production, Bradley has left a lasting impact on the entertainment industry. His diverse career achievements make him a notable figure in both music and acting circles.

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