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Biography and Networth

Bugzy Malone Biography: Age, Height, Songs, Wife, Net Worth, Instagram, Movies, Clothing, Parents, Siblings

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Bugzy Malone, born Aaron Daniel Davies on December 20, 1990, is a renowned British rapper and actor hailing from England. He is a key figure in the “Grime Revival” movement, which has shifted the UK Urban music scene away from commercial-oriented music. Bugzy Malone is recognized as the first artist to achieve commercial success in the grime genre. His album “King of the North,” released on July 14, 2017, peaked at No. 4 on the UK album chart.

Bugzy Malone Wife and Children:

Bugzy Malone’s romantic partner is known by the nickname Boo-Boo. The couple got engaged during a sightseeing trip to Paris in December 2010. However, specific details about his wife and children remain private.

Bugzy Malone Net Worth:

Bugzy Malone, the acclaimed British rapper, has an estimated net worth of approximately $2 million.

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Bugzy Malone Biography Instagram and Social Media Channels:

You can find Bugzy Malone on Instagram under the handle @thebugzymalone.

Bugzy Malone Girlfriend:

Bugzy Malone’s girlfriend is affectionately referred to as Boo-Boo. She is said to play a significant role in his success and achievements.

Bugzy Malone House and Cars:

Information about Bugzy Malone’s house, cars, and other personal assets might not be readily available in the public domain.

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Bugzy Malone Age and Real Name:

Bugzy Malone was born on December 20, 1990. His real name is Aaron Daniel Davies.

Bugzy Malone Tribe and Religion:

Details about Bugzy Malone’s tribe and religion are not mentioned in the provided information.

Bugzy Malone State of Origin:

The state of origin for Bugzy Malone is not specified in the given details.

Bugzy Malone Phone Number and WhatsApp Number:

Bugzy Malone’s contact information, including his phone number and WhatsApp number, is not provided here.

Bugzy Malone Residential House Address:

Bugzy Malone’s residential house address is not disclosed in the provided information.

Bugzy Malone Educational Background and Schools Attended:

Bugzy Malone’s educational background and the schools he attended are not mentioned in the provided information.

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Bugzy Malone Career and Source of Wealth:

Bugzy Malone’s career began with his first mixtape “SwaggaMan” in 2010. He gained recognition through freestyles for various YouTube channels and mixtapes like “Why so serious” inspired by Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. His music videos garnered millions of views, and he was featured in JDZmedia’s “spitfire” video, which boosted his popularity. Bugzy Malone has released several mixtapes and singles, and his success has contributed to his estimated net worth of $2 million. Apart from his music career, he is also known for his acting ventures and contributions to the grime music scene.

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