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Biography and Networth

C. J. Obasi Biography: Age, Wife, House, Net Worth, Parents, Siblings, State of Origin, Career, Movies

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In the vibrant world of Nigerian cinema, one name stands out as a beacon of creativity and talent – C.J. Obasi, also known as “Fiery” or “The Fiery One.” This visionary filmmaker has carved his path to success with his exceptional storytelling and unique approach to filmmaking. From his humble beginnings in Owerri, Imo State, to earning international acclaim for his debut film “Ojuju,” let’s delve into the fascinating life and career of C.J. Obasi.

 C.J. Obasi Early Life and Education:

C.J. Obasi’s love for storytelling began at a tender age, immersing himself in Stephen King books, movie adaptations, and Hammer horror films. Even as a child, he showed a keen interest in vintage movies and had a knack for creating hand-drawn comic books featuring his favorite superheroes and villains. He pursued his education at the Government Secondary School in Owerri before enrolling at the University of Nigeria, where he studied computer science.

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 C.J. Obasi Career:

In 2012, C.J. Obasi co-founded the Fiery Film Company with his late screenwriter friend, Benjamin Stockton, and his wife, Oge Obasi, who is also a TV and film producer. The turning point in his career came in 2014 when he made his directorial debut with “Ojuju,” a zero-budget zombie horror film. The movie received critical acclaim from film festivals around the world, earning him numerous awards and recognition.

Continuing his creative journey, C.J. Obasi directed the 2018 movie adaptation of “Hello, Moto,” a captivating short story by Nnedi Okorafor set in an African futuristic world.

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 C.J. Obasi Personal Life:

Behind the scenes, C.J. Obasi shares his life with Oge Obasi, his loving wife and a fellow TV and film producer. Their marriage has been a source of strength and support for the talented filmmaker.

 C.J. Obasi Social Media Presence:

C.J. Obasi stays connected with his fans and the film community through his Instagram handle @fierycj, where he shares insights into his filmmaking process and glimpses of his personal life.

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 C.J. Obasi Net Worth:

With his impressive body of work and rising prominence in the film industry, C.J. Obasi’s estimated net worth stands at $500,000, a testament to his hard work and dedication to his craft.


C.J. Obasi’s journey from a young dreamer in Owerri to a celebrated filmmaker is a testament to the power of passion and determination. Through his films, he continues to captivate audiences and push the boundaries of storytelling in Nigerian cinema. As he forges ahead on his creative path, the world eagerly awaits the next cinematic masterpiece from “The Fiery One.”

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