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Biography and Networth

Casemiro Biography: Age, Wife, Net Worth, Salary, Man Utd, Religion, Number, Mother, Instagram, Height, Weight, Wiki

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Carlos Henrique Casimiro, widely known as Casemiro, is a popular Brazilian footballer who has left an indelible mark on the sport as a defensive midfielder. Born on February 23, 1992, in Sao José dos Campos, Brazil, Casemiro’s love for soccer began at a young age. This blog post delves into the life of the talented midfielder, from his early days in Sao Paulo to becoming a key player for Real Madrid. We’ll also explore his net worth, personal life with wife Anna Mariana, and their two beautiful children.

Casemiro Early Life and Career:

Hailing from Sao José dos Campos, Brazil, Casemiro’s passion for soccer was evident from an early age. He channeled his love for the sport into joining the renowned Sao Paulo youth academy, where his journey as a professional footballer began. His impressive performances led him to score 11 goals in 111 appearances for the club before he made a significant move to Real Madrid in 2013.

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Casemiro Career Achievements:

Casemiro’s talent and dedication were rewarded as he excelled at Real Madrid, becoming a vital part of the team’s success. Notably, he played an instrumental role in helping the club secure five UEFA Champions League titles between 2014 and 2018. Additionally, he lifted several other prestigious trophies, including three FIFA Club World Cups, one Copa del Rey, and three La Liga titles.

Casemiro National Team Success:

Casemiro’s brilliance extended to the international stage, representing Brazil since 2011. He participated in four Copa América tournaments, including the 2019 championship, and played a crucial role in the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

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Casemiro Net Worth:

As a highly successful footballer and a key figure in one of Europe’s biggest clubs, Casemiro has amassed considerable wealth. His net worth is estimated to be an impressive $67.4 million.

Casemiro Personal Life and Family:

Off the field, Casemiro found love with Anna Mariana Casemiro, a Brazilian makeup artist and internet personality. The couple tied the knot in 2014, and their love story began while Casemiro was still playing for Sao Paulo in 2010. Together, they are blessed with two adorable children, Sara, born on March 6, 2016, and Caio, born in late 2021.

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Casemiro Social Media Presence:

Casemiro keeps in touch with his fans through social media platforms. You can follow him on Instagram (@casemiro) and Twitter (@Casemiro) to stay updated on his latest endeavors.


Casemiro’s journey from a young boy in Sao José dos Campos to a decorated footballer with Real Madrid and the Brazilian national team is an inspiring tale of talent, hard work, and determination. As he continues to shine on the field and enjoy a fulfilling personal life with his wife and children, fans

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