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Biography and Networth

Chichi BBNaija Biography: Age, Boyfriend, Parents, State of Origin, Husband, Net Worth, Tribe, Siblings, Instagram, Family

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Chinenyenwa Desire Okoebor, popularly known as Chichi, is a promising Nigerian internet personality, dancer, chef, and reality TV show star. Her rise to fame came after she made a memorable entrance into the Big Brother Naija season 7 house in July 2022. Let’s take a closer look at her background, career, and personal life in this blog post.

Chichi Early Life and Education:

Chichi was born in 1996 in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. While not much is known about her early life, she received a proper education, completing both her primary and secondary school studies before proceeding to tertiary education.

Chichi Career and Big Brother Naija Journey:

Chichi’s talent, energy, and popularity have made her a rising celebrity in the entertainment industry. In July 2022, she gained prominence by participating in Big Brother Naija season 7, securing a place in the coveted Biggie’s house.

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Chichi Personal Life and Ambitions:

Describing herself as an “unshakeably ambitious goal-getter,” Chichi aims to bring originality and authenticity to her endeavors. By day, she works as an exotic dancer, and by night, she showcases her culinary skills as a chef. However, she prefers not to divulge personal details about her romantic life, adopting a “not a kiss and tell” attitude.

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Overcoming Challenges and Honesty:

Chichi’s journey has not been without obstacles, but she has triumphed over them, forging her own path in life. She is known for her straightforwardness, valuing sincerity and speaking her mind honestly. For her, it’s either saying things as they are or not saying them at all.

Chichi Interests and Hobbies:

Apart from her career pursuits, Chichi enjoys various activities, including swimming, dancing, and traveling. These interests add to her vibrant personality and help her maintain a well-rounded lifestyle.

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Chichi Social Media Presence:

To connect with her growing fan base, Chichi actively shares updates on her Instagram account, which can be found at @Chichi_bbn.

Chichi Net Worth:



Chinenyenwa Desire Okoebor, aka Chichi, is a promising and versatile talent in the Nigerian entertainment scene. Her participation in Big Brother Naija season 7 has significantly boosted her popularity. With her unique blend of talents as a dancer, chef, and internet personality, Chichi continues to captivate audiences and carve a distinct niche for herself in the industry.

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