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Biography and Networth

Chioma Avril Rowland Biography: Age, Husband, Parents, Siblings, Boyfriend, Wikipedia, Sisters, Mother, Instagram & Net Worth

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Chioma Avril Rowland, popularly known as Chef Chi, is a stunning and talented Nigerian chef, model, social media personality, and successful entrepreneur. Born on May 1, 1995, in Owerri, Imo State, she hails from the Igbo tribe and was raised in the capital city of her home state. Chioma’s parents provided unwavering support and sponsored her education, leading her to attend prestigious institutions for both primary and secondary schooling.

Chioma Avril Rowland Education and Career:

After completing her SSCE, Chioma secured admission into Babcock University, where she pursued a degree in Economics. Throughout her career, she has ventured into the entertainment industry and has gained immense fame as the girlfriend of Nigerian Afrobeat star, Davido. Their relationship sparked widespread interest, with Chioma featured as the main character in Davido’s hit songs, “Assurance” and “One Milli,” fueling rumors of a possible marriage.

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As a celebrity chef and model, Chioma collaborates with several renowned brands, showcasing her skills and stunning body shape on her Instagram page, where she is affectionately referred to as “Chef Chi.” She has worked with brands like Gino, Royal Hair Ltd, Crepaway, Payporte, and others, cementing her status as a social media influencer.

Chioma Avril Rowland Personal Life:

Chioma Avril Rowland’s personal life revolves around her relationship with Davido, with whom she shares a son named Ifeanyi Adeleke. While there were rumors of a marriage, they remained unverified. Recently, allegations of Davido’s infidelity surfaced after a video of him with American model Mya Yafai emerged, leading Chioma to remove Davido’s photos from her Instagram page.

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Chioma Avril Rowland Net Worth:

Thanks to her multifaceted career and success as a chef, model, and social media influencer, Chioma Avril Rowland boasts an impressive net worth of $1 million.


Chioma Avril Rowland’s journey from a talented chef to a prominent figure in the entertainment industry has been one of hard work and determination. Her relationship with Davido has further fueled her popularity, making her a beloved personality on social media. Despite the challenges, Chioma remains an inspiring figure for many, showcasing her skills, beauty, and entrepreneurial spirit to the world.

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