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Posted by Anthony

Denrele visits singer Goldie’s graveside

Media personality, Denrele Edun, paid a visit to singer and his late friend, Goldie’s gravesite on February 14.

Goldie who was one of the sought-after singers in Nigeria died on February 14, 2013.

An autopsy on late Nigerian pop star, Goldie Harvey, revealed that the musician died of ‘hypertensive heart disease.

   Denrele visits singer Goldie

Sharing photos from his visit to her gravesite via his Instagram page, Denrele wrote;


You’re not here GOLDIE HARVEY, but your presence lingers in the shadows.
You don’t see what I see, but I hear you laughing with me when I laugh.
You don’t know what I feel, but I feel you, feeling for me.

Came to visit you as usual, dear Friend and again, I felt your presence… In that swift sweep of wind that always picks up around your Resting Place.

   Denrele visits singer Goldie

Did you like my outfit today?
I re-enacted that all black outfit You rocked when we were hosted at *that Club* in Abuja, the same one where the DJ refused to play your songs. Imagine the cheek of him!
I remember how you stormed out in anger, but only ME could drag you back in and “shéy Werey” for the DJ to play Track 1 to 5!

Remember your Blonde Hairstyle in JoBurg? I re-rocked it today for you in black!

And as you always said to me;
“People like us have so much LOVE to give but will hardly get it back!”…..

Well, guess what? I was served “HOT BREAKFAST” at bout 4a.m this morning….
In their words, “I’m not ready to love you the way you love me. I’m not in that headspace now”.
Imagine! ?????
But you know me! Tough Cookie….I’ll survive!
(I still haven’t found that Foreigner you told me to get hooked to…. I’m STILL not attracted to “whitey”! ).

   Denrele visits singer Goldie

Well, I came to sit at your Resting place and give you all the usual gist!

I have learned that Grief is another name for Love.

We grieve because we had the opportunity of connecting deeply with another human. This is essentially the most bittersweet of human experiences.

But now, we must continue to speak to Goldie, if only in our thoughts, so that she will know that we remember her and all the happiness and beauty that she brought into our lives and that she is not alone.

“Lives are like rivers: Eventually they go where they must. Not where we want them to.”


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