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“Disturbing London”: Cubana Chiefpriest Shares Video Of Luxury Cars As Pastor Tobi Celebrates Birthday

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In a recent video shared on his Instagram page, Cubana Chiefpriest, the celebrity barman showcases a video of him in London, present to celebrate his Pastor Tobi’s birthday.

The video captures a series of luxury cars all parked outside a street in Lagos. These cars range from Rolls Royce, Range Rover are other luxury cars worth millions.

Cubana Present In London To Celebrate Pastor Tobi's Birthday
Cubana Present In London To Celebrate Pastor Tobi’s Birthday

In the caption of the video shared on his Instagram page, Cubana Chiefpriest wrote,

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“Disturbing London. It’s my Pastor’s Birthday, @tobiadegboyega. So much paparazzi today. God is Luxury, God is Lifestyle, God is Love, We Represent God. So We’re Gonna Be Rich Forever!!!!!”

The comment section has also drawn a  lot of reaction. However, the cars spotted at the church premises both belong to both Pastor Tobi Adegboyega and the congregation present at the church. 

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One comment read, 

“No single police with guns standing to protect. This is why I’ll never move back to Africa.”

Another comment echoed Cubana Chiefpriest’s post saying, “God is luxury, God is lifestyle, God is love, we represent God so we’re Gonna be rich forever.”

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