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Don’t Buy A Flood-Damaged Car, Use These Tips

Are you planning to buy a used car and are afraid of buying a flood-damaged car? Read this to learn how to avoid this situation. Buying a Tokunbo car in Nigeria requires not only technical skills but also a lot of information to make the best decision at the car dealership.

Getting a flood-damaged car can be unfamiliar even to the person you’re buying it from. It is ultimately up to your prerogative to determine if your car is a flood victim. The opportunity to buy a flood-damaged car is due to the constant flooding in some parts of the country.

That’s why we have compiled these simple ways how to spot a flooded car before you spend the money to buy one.

Perceive the car

Here, you need to use your nose. In particular, it requires the ability to smell. Watch out for mildew and damp odours in the car. These odours are difficult to hide in a Tokunbo car that has just entered the country. The interior of a flooded car always smells musty, even if it looks clean, the scent will be distinguishable even after the car has been washed.

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Look under the hood

Look under the car. You need to make sure you build to buy rust. This will give you an idea of what kind of car to buy. When submerged, the undercarriage rusts due to the volatility of iron, a material component of the vehicle below. This causes corrosion as a result of rapid oxidation processes. Most of these vehicles are highly susceptible to this corrosion after being in flood for a period of time.  

Test the electrical system

Checking the electrical system of the car is also a smart move. Find a car damaged by the flood. Don’t be afraid to get your car keys. If possible, contact an expert in your vehicle’s electrical system to perform a professional inspection. Vehicles that have been damaged by flooding can have electrical failures and malfunctions, such as sensor issues, light issues, and possibly seat controls.

Inspect the Car Seat for Deformation

The seat cover should be checked for watermarks. Depending on the upholstery of the seat, carefully inspect the foam and leather parts. Car salesmen may be aware of this and try to cover up the deformation. Take the time to check your glove box for tampering, if possible.

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Check the Engine Bolts for Rust

One important place to remember is the engine bolts. Like all metal parts in your car, bolts are prone to rust. If we discover this during our inspection, we can make a final decision.

Look at the floor carpet

Look at the floor’s carpet. This is another way to find a car that has been flooded. A careful inspection of the carpet will reveal discolouration and bacterial growth on the carpet. You can also check the humidity of the carpet. These are all signs of a flooded car.


It is important to note that even if your car has been damaged by flood, it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the car. Although more susceptible to severe damage, these cars can be repaired, it might cost a pretty penny, but it might be worth it in the end, if you don’t have the money to buy a new one. What is most pertinent at the time, is that you don’t allow the car to remain in the flood for a long time, thus might lead to irreparable damage. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What are common problems with flooded cars?

A flood-damaged car comes with a variety of problems, including foul odours, rust, odd noises, engine smoke, and electronic damage. If you are shopping for a used car, a vehicle history report will show any reported flood damage. Flooded cars may also be declared a total loss due to the extent of the damage and the costly nature of the repairs. If a flood-damaged car has been declared a total loss and issued a salvage title, it may be challenging or more costly to insure in the future.

What are the symptoms of a flood-damaged car?

A flood-damaged car will often show many signs of water damage, including unusual odours, discoloured interior, rust, moisture, smoke e.t.c.


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