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Biography and Networth

Emma Watkins Biography and Net Worth 2023

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Emma Watkins, a renowned Australian entertainer, has made her mark as a singer, dancer, and actress. With a net worth of $15 million as of 2023, she has achieved significant success throughout her career. This article delves into her biography, career achievements, and highlights her journey from her early days to her present stature.


Emma Olivia Watkins was born on September 21, 1989, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. She grew up in Sydney and displayed a passion for dance from an early age. She embarked on her ballet journey at the age of four and later explored various dance forms, including Irish dancing, jazz, hip-hop, and tap.

Early Career and The Wiggles

Watkins’ journey into the limelight began in 2010 when she started working with The Wiggles, a prominent children’s group. Initially joining as a dancer and singer, she officially became a member of The Wiggles in 2013. Her contributions extended beyond performing; she acquired an 8% stake in the company.

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Solo Endeavors and Achievements

In 2021, after her time with The Wiggles, Watkins ventured into a solo career. She debuted a new children’s character named Emma Memma, which gained notable success. Her solo album was met with acclaim, showcasing her versatility as a performer.

Television and Beyond

Emma Watkins made her television debut in 2022 with The Masked Singer. She demonstrated her adaptability by transitioning from children’s entertainment to mainstream television. She has also participated in other TV shows and is set to launch her character’s TV series, “Emma Memma Sing. Dance. Sign.”

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Top Hit Songs

Watkins’ musical contributions have left a lasting impact. Some of her top hit songs include “Captain Feathersword,” “Michael Finnegan,” “Happy Birthday,” “Get Ready to Wiggle,” “The Wheels on the Bus,” and “Rock-A-Bye Your Bear.”

Social Media Presence

Watkins maintains an active presence on social media platforms, with a significant following on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and more. Her engagement with fans demonstrates her continued popularity.


Watkins attended McDonald’s College for her early schooling and later earned a full scholarship to Sydney Film School, where she pursued musical theater. She then pursued a master’s degree in media arts and production from the University of Technology Sydney.

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Personal Life

In her personal life, Watkins has shown resilience and growth. She married Lachlan Gillespie in 2016, with the marriage ending in 2018. In 2021, she became engaged to Oliver Brian and married him in 2022. Watkins’ passion for sign language has led her to pursue a Ph.D. in sign language and dance.


Emma Watkins stands as an exemplar of versatility, dedication, and success. From her beginnings as a dancer to her prominence with The Wiggles and her subsequent solo ventures, she has continually evolved as an entertainer. With her immense talent and diverse skill set, Watkins has made a lasting impact on both children’s entertainment and mainstream media.

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