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Biography and Networth

Esther Okoronkwo Biography: Net Worth, Age, Husband, State of Origin, Boyfriend, House, Cars, Parents, Siblings, Father, Mother

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Ijeoma Esther Okoronkwo, known as Esther Okoronkwo, is a renowned Nigerian professional footballer who has made a name for herself as a forward for Granadilla and the Nigeria women’s national team. She gained widespread recognition after her participation in the 2022 Women’s Africa Cup of Nations qualification.

Esther Okoronkwo Husband and Children

As of now, Esther Okoronkwo is focused on her burgeoning football career and has not been reported to be married or have any children. Her dedication to her profession seems to take precedence in her life.

Esther Okoronkwo Net Worth

Esther Okoronkwo, with her exceptional talent and accomplishments in football, has accumulated an estimated net worth of $650,000. Her success on the field has contributed significantly to her financial worth.

Esther Okoronkwo Biography Instagram and Social Media Channels

While specific details about Esther Okoronkwo’s social media channels weren’t provided in the provided text, it’s common for public figures to have an active presence on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and more, where they can engage with fans and share updates about their careers and personal lives.

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Esther Okoronkwo Boyfriend

As of the information available, Esther Okoronkwo has not been linked to any romantic relationships, and there is no reported information about her having a boyfriend. Her primary focus appears to be on her football career.

Esther Okoronkwo House and Cars

There is no information available in the provided text about Esther Okoronkwo’s house and cars. Given her rising career and net worth, it’s possible that she enjoys a comfortable lifestyle, but specific details are not provided.

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Esther Okoronkwo Age and Real Name

Esther Okoronkwo was born on March 27, 1997, which makes her [age] years old as of the current date. Her full name is Ijeoma Esther Okoronkwo.

Esther Okoronkwo Tribe and Religion

The text doesn’t mention Esther Okoronkwo’s tribe or religion. However, given her Nigerian nationality and the mention of her place of birth as Abia State, it’s possible that she belongs to a tribe native to that region. Her religious affiliation is not provided in the text.

Esther Okoronkwo State of Origin

Esther Okoronkwo’s state of origin is Abia State, Nigeria. This is where she was born before relocating to the United States with her family.

Esther Okoronkwo Phone Number and WhatsApp Number

Personal contact information, such as phone numbers and WhatsApp numbers, is private information and is not disclosed in public platforms for privacy and security reasons.

Esther Okoronkwo Residential House Address

Esther Okoronkwo’s residential house address is not provided in the text. Like other personal contact information, this type of detail is typically kept private.

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Esther Okoronkwo Educational Background and Schools Attended

Esther Okoronkwo’s educational journey includes attending John and Randolph Foster High School, Northeast Texas Community College, and Lamar University. Her passion for football developed during her time in the United States, where she began playing during her primary education.

Esther Okoronkwo Career and Source of Wealth

Esther Okoronkwo’s football career has been marked by significant achievements, including earning her first senior cap for Nigeria in a friendly match against Jamaica in 2021 and scoring her debut goal against Ivory Coast in the 2022 Women’s Africa Cup of Nations qualification match. Her success on the field has contributed to her estimated net worth of $650,000. She was also named in the Nigerian squad for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023, highlighting her prominence in the sport.

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