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Biography and Networth

Frankie Valli Biography and Net Worth 2023

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Frankie Valli is a renowned American singer who has achieved a net worth of $85 million as of 2023. Born on May 3, 1934, in Newark, New Jersey, he has had a successful career as a singer both with The Four Seasons and as a solo artist. Here are some key details about his life and career:

Net Worth:

Frankie Valli’s net worth of $85 million has been amassed through his successful singing career, royalties from the Broadway play “Jersey Boys,” business ventures including clothing and fragrance, endorsements worth $2 million, and investments totaling $3 million.

Career Highlights:

Frankie Valli rose to fame as the lead singer of The Four Seasons, a group that achieved chart-topping hits in the 1960s, thanks in part to his powerful falsetto voice. Some of their notable hits include “Sherry,” “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” “Walk Like a Man,” “Rag Doll,” and “Let’s Hang On!” In addition to his work with the band, Valli enjoyed a successful solo career with hits like “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” and “My Eyes Adored You.” He also sang the title song for the movie version of “Grease,” which became a number-one hit.

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Personal Life:

Frankie Valli was born Francesco Stephen Castelluccio to parents Anthony Castelluccio and Mary Rinaldi. He has two siblings named Bobby Valli and Alex Valli. He has been married multiple times and has had several relationships throughout his life. His most recent marriage was to Jackie Jacobs in 2023. He has several children from his various marriages.

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Frankie Valli owns a 6,700-square-foot residence in Encino, California, which he purchased for $4.3 million.

Recent News:

In recent news, Frankie Valli, at the age of 89, married Jackie Jacobs in Las Vegas. The couple had initially met in 2007 and started their relationship in 2015.

Social Media:

Frankie Valli is active on social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, where he has a significant following.

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Top Hit Songs:

Some of Frankie Valli’s top hit songs include “Can’t Take My Eyes off You,” “December, 1963 (Oh, What a Night),” “Grease,” and “My Eyes Adored You.”


Some of Frankie Valli’s albums include “Live” (2020), “Solo” (1967), “Closeup” (1975), “A Touch of Jazz” (2021), “Frankie Valliā€¦ Is the Word” (1978), and “Heaven Above Me” (1980).

Career Achievements:

Frankie Valli’s career achievements include being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, releasing successful albums, making his Broadway debut with a concert series, and even appearing as an actor on television shows like “The Sopranos.”

This summary covers the key aspects of Frankie Valli’s life, career, net worth, achievements, and personal details.

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