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Biography and Networth

Gigi Hadid Biography: Age, Boyfriend, Husband, Siblings, Father, Baby, Parents, Wiki, Profile & Net Worth

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Gigi Hadid, whose real name is Jelena Noura Hadid, is a renowned American fashion model, actress, and television personality. She gained prominence after making her debut in the Top 50 Models ranking at Models.com and starring in the short film “Virgin Eyes.” This blog post will explore Gigi Hadid’s early life, education, career achievements, and her personal life with her boyfriend, Zayn Malik.

Gigi Hadid Early Life and Education:

Gigi Hadid was born on April 23, 1995, in Los Angeles, California, to her father, Mohamed Hadid, a real estate developer, and her mother, Yolanda Hadid, a former model. She is also a direct descendant of Daher Al Omer, an Arab leader from the eighteenth century, through her father’s side. Gigi has two younger siblings, Bella and Anwar, both of whom are also models. After her parents’ separation in 2000, her mother married David Foster, a Canadian artist, songwriter, and record producer, adding five stepsisters to Gigi’s family.

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Gigi attended Malibu High School in California and was passionate about sports, participating in activities like horseback riding and volleyball. Later, she moved to New York to pursue her modeling career and education. Initially studying criminal psychology at The New School, Gigi decided to focus entirely on her modeling career and graduated from high school in 2013.

Gigi Hadid Career:

Gigi Hadid’s modeling career took off when she debuted on Models.com’s Top 50 Models ranking. Her exceptional talent and hard work earned her the prestigious 2016 International Model of the Year award from the British Fashion Council. Besides modeling, Gigi ventured into acting and played the role of Andrea in the short film “Virgin Eyes,” which kick-started her acting journey.

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Gigi’s television appearances, particularly on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” brought her further recognition. Additionally, she appeared in various music videos, including Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” and Calvin Harris’s “How Deep Is Your Love.”

Gigi Hadid Personal Life:

In her personal life, Gigi Hadid had a romantic relationship with Cody Simpson in the past, but they eventually parted ways due to personal reasons. Currently, she is in a loving relationship with British singer-songwriter Zayn Malik, and they have been together since 2016.

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Gigi Hadid Net Worth:

Gigi Hadid’s success in the modeling and entertainment industry has led to a remarkable net worth of $29 million.


Gigi Hadid’s journey from a young girl with a passion for sports to a globally recognized fashion model and actress is truly inspiring. Her dedication and talent have earned her numerous accolades and a substantial net worth. With her continued success and strong presence on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, Gigi remains a beloved figure in the fashion and entertainment world.

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