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Gloria Bamiloye Biography: Age, Husband, Net Worth, Sister, Parents, State of Origin, Phone Number, Family

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Gloria Olusola Bamiloye, widely recognized as Gloria Bamiloye, is a prominent Nigerian film actress, producer, director, and one of the co-founders of Mount Zion Drama Ministry. Born on February 4, 1964, in Ilesa, Osun State, Nigeria, Gloria’s journey in the entertainment industry has been marked by her dedication to Christian-themed dramas and films. Let’s delve into her early life, education, career, personal life, and notable achievements.

Gloria Bamiloye Early Life and Education:

Gloria Bamiloye was born and raised in Ilesa, a city located in the southwest region of Nigeria’s Osun State. While growing up, she was brought up in the Islamic faith but later embraced Christianity. She pursued her education at Oyo State College of Education, where she studied English language and religious studies. Additionally, she received teacher training at the Divisional Teachers Training College in Ipetumodu.

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Gloria Bamiloye Career and Mount Zion Drama Ministry:

Even during her school days, Gloria actively participated in drama, playing lead roles. It was in 1983 when she crossed paths with Mike Bamiloye, whom she later married. Together, on August 5, 1985, they co-founded the Mount Zion Faith Ministry, a Christian drama group dedicated to producing spiritually impactful content

Gloria’s contributions to the Nigerian entertainment industry encompass acting, producing, and directing numerous dramas and films that carry strong moral and religious messages. In 2002, she authored the book titled “The Anxiety of Single Sisters,” adding to her repertoire as a writer.

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Gloria Bamiloye Personal Life:

Gloria Bamiloye is happily married to her husband, Mike Bamiloye, a well-known Nigerian actor. The couple first met while studying at the Oyo State College of Education and tied the knot on October 8, 1988. Their union has been blessed with three children, namely Damilola, Joshua, and Darasimi.

Gloria Bamiloye Notable Movies:

Throughout her career, Gloria has been involved in various successful film projects. Some of her notable movies include “Agbara nla” (1992), “Apoti Eri,” “Just A Little Sin,” “Blood on the Altar,” “Wounded Heart,” and “The Great Mistake.” More recent works include “Shackles 1” (2019), “Shackles 2: Fetters of Iron” (2020), “Higher Calling” (2020), and the “My Mother-in-Law” series.

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Gloria Bamiloye Awards and Recognition:

Gloria Bamiloye’s contributions to the Nigerian film industry have not gone unnoticed. In 2017, she was honored with the City People Movie Lifetime Achievement Award, celebrating her exceptional talent and dedication to Christian-themed productions.

Gloria Bamiloye Net Worth:



Gloria Bamiloye’s journey in the Nigerian film industry has been remarkable, with her commitment to producing uplifting and spiritually impactful content through Mount Zion Drama Ministry. As a talented actress, filmmaker, and co-founder, she continues to inspire audiences with her Christian-themed films and dramas. Her personal and professional life stands as a testament to her faith and dedication to making a positive impact on society. You can follow her on Instagram @gloriabamiloye to stay updated on her latest projects and endeavors.

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