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Biography and Networth

H.E.R. Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Siblings, Awards, Parents, Husband, Instagram, Net Worth, Wiki, Wikipedia

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H.E.R., the stage name of Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson, is a talented American singer, songwriter, and musician hailing from Vallejo, California. Born on May 04, 1988, she embarked on a musical journey at a young age, drawing inspiration from her father, who was a member of a local band. Keeping her real identity a secret initially, H.E.R. captured the industry’s attention with her soulful music and mysterious persona. Let’s explore her early life, career, and the success that led to her net worth of around $3 million.

H.E.R Early Life and Education:

Growing up in Vallejo, California, H.E.R. was born to Kenny and Agnes Wilson. Her father’s musical background influenced her passion for music, and she began honing her skills at a tender age. By nine years old, she made her debut at the Apollo Theatre in New York City, showcasing her remarkable talent. Over time, she gained fame, performing on various television shows, including ‘The Maury Pauvich Show,’ ‘Good Morning America,’ and ‘The View.’

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H.E.R Career Beginnings:

At just 14 years old, H.E.R. signed a contract with Sony Entertainment, and her first released song, ‘Something to Prove,’ marked the beginning of her career. Later adopting the stage name H.E.R. (Having Everything Revealed), she returned to the music scene with RCA Records in late 2016. Her debut EP, ‘HER Vol. 1,’ was produced by Kehlani, K. Michelle, and Zhavia, gaining momentum with support from artists like Alicia Keys, Bryson Tiller, and Rihanna.

H.E.R Rising Success:

Following her initial EP’s success, H.E.R. released ‘H.E.R. Vol. 2,’ which reached number seven on the Hot R&B chart. She continued to gain recognition with ‘H.E.R. Vol 2, The B Sides’ and ‘I Used to Know Her: The Prelude,’ the latter peaking at number 20 on the US Billboard 200 chart. Her live performances, including collaborations with major artists, further solidified her position in the industry.

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Breakthrough Album:

In October 2017, H.E.R. released her debut compilation album, simply titled ‘H.E.R.,’ which featured songs from her first two EPs and six new singles. The album achieved great success and earned her five Grammy Award nominations, including ‘Best New Artist’ and ‘Album of the Year.’ With her relatable lyrics and soulful voice, H.E.R. connected with a wide audience, especially young listeners dealing with heartbreak and relationships.

H.E.R Personal Life and Social Media:

H.E.R. prefers to keep her personal life private, and her past and present relationships remain undisclosed. Embracing a mysterious identity allows her to focus on her creative process while writing lyrics and working in the studio. On social media, she can be found on Instagram as @hermusicofficial and on Twitter as @gabiwilson.

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H.E.R Net Worth

$3 million


H.E.R., born Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson, emerged as a captivating figure in the music industry with her unique blend of soulful music and contemporary hip-hop. From her early days performing on various platforms to achieving Grammy recognition with her debut album, H.E.R.’s journey remains an inspiration to aspiring musicians worldwide. With her net worth reaching around $3 million, she continues to leave a profound impact on the music scene and touch the hearts of many with her powerful voice and heartfelt lyrics.

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