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Hanne Norgaard Biography: Age, Husband, Net Worth, Wikipedia, Family, Height, Children, Instagram, Photos

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Meet Hanne Norgaard, an accomplished American makeup artist, internet personality, and former spouse of actor Idris Elba. From her early modeling days in London to founding her own cosmetics brand, “Kim Elba Cosmetics,” Hanne’s career has been a remarkable journey. Let’s delve into her life story and discover the highlights of her successful career and personal life.

Hanne Norgaard Early Life and Education:

Hanne Norgaard was born on April 5, 1977, in the United States. Her unique heritage includes an African-American father and a South Korean mother. Growing up, she experienced life in the USA, England, and South Korea. While information about her early years, parents, and siblings remains private, her parents prioritized her education. They encouraged her passion for beauty and fashion, leading her to pursue a degree in makeup artistry at the prestigious “International Artist Make Up Academy” in London, from where she graduated with honors in 1992.

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Hanne Norgaard Career Beginnings:

Hanne’s career took off right after graduation when she was hired by BBC as a makeup artist. Her talent and dedication caught the attention of the London-based film production company, Columbia Tristar, which offered her significant opportunities to work on their projects as the principal makeup artist.

Hanne Norgaard Love and Marriage:

In 1999, Hanne Norgaard married the renowned actor Idris Elba, and the couple moved to New York. During this time, she continued to work in her field, participating in photoshoots, fashion shows, television programs, and movies.

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Hanne Norgaard Career Revival:

After parting ways with Idris Elba in 2003, Hanne’s career took a brief slowdown. However, she made a triumphant comeback in 2007 with her beauty project “Make Up Your Mind.” Through this venture, Hanne and her team of talented hair and makeup artists offer various makeup services, conduct makeup parties, and even provide counseling for the event “My Black is Beautiful,” promoting the celebration of black beauty and redefining societal beauty standards.

Kim Elba Cosmetics:

Hanne Norgaard’s passion for cosmetics led her to establish her own brand, “Kim Elba Cosmetics,” offering cruelty-free and paraben-free products that have gained popularity among beauty enthusiasts.

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Hanne Norgaard Personal Life and Relationships:

Despite their divorce, Hanne and Idris Elba have maintained a friendly relationship, coming together to celebrate special occasions like their daughter Isan Elba’s 16th birthday. In 2013, Hanne found love again and married Pastor Andrew L. Friar II in a beautiful wedding celebration.

Hanne Norgaard Net Worth:



Hanne Norgaard’s journey from a young makeup enthusiast to a successful makeup artist, entrepreneur, and internet personality is an inspiration to many. Her dedication to promoting diversity in beauty and fashion has left a significant impact on the industry. As she continues to thrive personally and professionally, we can only anticipate more exciting milestones in Hanne Norgaard’s bright future.

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