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Biography and Networth

Ibrahim Chatta Biography: Age, Wives, Children, Movies, Parents, Net Worth, Wiki, Girlfriend, Siblings

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Ibrahim Chatta is a renowned Nollywood actor, singer, songwriter, director, and producer, known for his exceptional talent and unruly characters in movies. Despite not completing his formal education, he has risen to prominence in the Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood. In this blog post, we will delve into Ibrahim Chatta’s early life, career achievements, personal life, and social media presence.

 Ibrahim Chatta Early Life and Education:

Born on October 13, 1970, in Bachita, Kwara State, Nigeria, Ibrahim Chatta hails from a large Muslim family of 14 children. His father was a polygamist, and his mother hailed from Modakeke, Osun State. Ibrahim’s passion for acting developed at an early age, but his troublemaking and unruly behavior affected his education. He attended Saint Bridges Catholic Primary School, Bachita, and later Government Secondary School in Bachita. Due to his behavior, he moved to another school in Aggiea, Niger State, but eventually dropped out. Despite not attending higher institutions, Ibrahim honed his skills through on-set experience and self-teaching.

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 Ibrahim Chatta Career:

Ibrahim Chatta’s journey into the entertainment industry began in 1985 when he joined a theater group in his hometown. Inspired by legendary actors like Adebayo Salami and Duro Ladipo, he developed an exceptional command of the Yoruba language, which contributed to his success in the Yoruba film industry. His breakthrough came with the movie “Aiyekooto.” Apart from acting, Ibrahim is also a talented singer, having performed in numerous soundtracks and jingles in Yoruba.

 Ibrahim Chatta Movies and Awards:

Throughout his career, Ibrahim Chatta has appeared in over 200 movies alongside other top Nigerian actors and actresses. Some of his notable works include “Ogundabede,” “Olokiki Oru: The Midnight Sensation,” and “October 1.” His outstanding performances have earned him several awards, including Best Actor at the 2021 Dallas International Yoruba Movie Awards and Best Supporting Actor in a Yoruba Film at the 2013 Best of Nollywood Awards.

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 Ibrahim Chatta Personal Life:

Ibrahim Chatta has experienced ups and downs in his personal life. He has been married three times. His first marriage to Olayinka Solomon resulted in a son named Malik, but the couple later divorced. His second marriage to Salamatu Mohammed Lafiaji also ended in divorce, with allegations of womanizing and abuse. However, Ibrahim is currently married to Lizzie Berry, with whom he has a child.

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 Ibrahim Chatta Social Media Presence:

Ibrahim Chatta is an active presence on social media, sharing updates and interacting with his fans. You can follow him on Instagram (@ibrahimchatta_lordthespis) and Twitter (@IbrahimChatta).

 Ibrahim Chatta Net Worth

$2 million


Ibrahim Chatta’s journey from a mischievous child in Kwara State to a celebrated Nollywood actor is a testament to his passion, talent, and determination. Despite the challenges he faced in his personal life, he remains a prominent figure in the Nigerian entertainment industry, captivating audiences with his acting prowess and musical abilities.

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