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Is This Car Stolen? Know How To Spot A Stolen Car With These Tips

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Nigeria serves as a market for Tokunbo automobiles. However, how can one prevent purchasing a stolen vehicle in Nigeria in place of a Tokunbo? In this essay, we covered approaches to knowing if you are buying a stolen car. 

It’s unpleasant to be detained for purchasing a tokunbo car that was stolen. You don’t want to fall into their snare, notwithstanding the recent searches by Nigerian Customs to control the importation of foreign vehicles. Because of this, Mp3zion thought it appropriate to demonstrate how you might avoid purchasing a Tokunbo car that has been stolen in Nigeria.

Since the car has left its mother country and is now in a different country, it is true that it is rare to be found driving a stolen foreign car. But if you’re found carrying one, you’ll be treated like a buyer.

Let’s quickly look at the options.

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Place an order for custom papers

The first thing you should ask from a car salesman or someone trying to sell you a foreign car is this. Examine the custom papers being issued with great care. You won’t have to purchase a stolen vehicle as a result. Request the custom paperwork from the car dealer, then check it.

How to check the customs paperwork on a car

Look for the C-number on the Single Goods Declaration form, which stands for the Customs Reference Number (SGD). The top right corner of the SGD is where you may find the C number. The command where the duty was paid and the year the customs paper was paid.  To contact the Nigerian Customs support desk, call one of the following numbers: 094621597, 094621598, or 094621599. To find out if the car was stolen, you should also verify the VIN.

Purchase from a licensed auto dealer

Finding a reliable auto dealer has become nearly impossible due to the increase in online and offline car sellers. Here at Naijauto, we always recommend that online purchasers check the legitimacy of the vendor and the vehicle before making a purchase. When they haven’t seen the car at its location, they shouldn’t ever make a partial payment. If you would rather buy something offline, confirm that the car dealer is authorised.

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Keep an eye out for recently painted cars

New paint applied to a stolen car to prevent identification is one of the warning signs. Keep an eye out for new paint. It will always be obvious from the smell. Look at the edges of the car for any hints. One of the red flags for a stolen car is new paint done to hide it from being identified.

How to Avoid Buying a Foreign, Fairly but Stolen Car in Nigeria
How to Avoid Buying a Foreign, Fairly but Stolen Car in Nigeria

Confirm its overall looks

Because there is no turning back once you’ve made the agreement with the car dealer, now is the moment to don your detective hat and confirm the general appearance of the vehicle. Even better, bring a dependable mechanic with you when you get the inspection. On this, try not to be credulous.


Protecting yourself from buying a stolen car needs due diligence on your part. If you notice that you are buying or have bought a stolen car, you will need to get the Police involved. That is why people tend to shy away from doing it, but most need to understand that your car is both an investment and an asset, one which You need to protect.

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Although the rampant nature of car theft has dropped significantly over the past year, it is very much a common crime. That is why you need to take these precautionary steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do when my car is stolen?

The first thing to do is to file a report at the police station. This will help conduct a proper search, so you don’t have to do it alone. Then you can proceed to look around the neighbourhood where it was stolen or you could find any clues and ask questions if Necessary. This is why we place emphasis on car trackers, it would make the task simple 

How much does it cost to get a car tracker in Nigeria?

There are a lot of companies that install car trackers. Their prices vary based on that aspect,  you should expect not to spend anything less than thirty thousand naira at best. 

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