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Biography and Networth

Jeffrey Daniel Biography: Age, Wife, Net Worth, Baby, Backslide, Moonwalk, Height, Instagram, Parents, Siblings, Wikipedia

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Jeffrey Glenn Daniel, a renowned American dancer, singer, songwriter, and choreographer, was born on August 24, 1955, in Los Angeles. With a net worth of $3.5 million, he has made significant contributions to the entertainment industry and left an indelible mark with his exceptional dance skills and collaborations with legendary artists. Let’s delve into the life and career of this iconic figure.

Jeffrey Daniel Early Life and Education:

Growing up in Los Angeles, Jeffrey Daniel received his early education there. He attended a prestigious institution for his high school education before embarking on his professional career.

Jeffrey Daniel Career Highlights:

Jeffrey Daniel’s dance journey began with his debut on British television, where he introduced “the backslide” dance move during a performance of Shalamar’s hit song “A Night to Remember” on Top of the Pops. This move later became widely known as the “moonwalk,” and though Michael Jackson famously performed it a year later, it was Daniel who first showcased it on TV.

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Daniel’s dance prowess caught the attention of Michael Jackson, who admired his skills from his appearances on Soul Train in the 1970s. They collaborated on projects such as the “Bad” and “Smooth Criminal” music videos, and Daniel also served as a creative adviser for Jackson’s global tours and the video for “Ghosts.”

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In addition to working with Michael Jackson, Jeffrey Daniel has collaborated with numerous other notable artists like Vanessa Williams, Paul McCartney, Babyface, LL Cool J, Sheena Easton, and The Go-Go’s.

His journey with Shalamar saw him perform live gigs with the group since 2002. Jeffrey Daniel has also been a judge on the Nigerian Idol series for three seasons.

Jeffrey Daniel Personal Life:

In 1980, Jeffrey Daniel married American R&B singer Stephanie Mills, but they divorced in 1983. He has had a turbulent relationship with his former Shalamar bandmate and dance partner, Jody Watley, marked by verbal and physical violence in 2010.

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Jeffrey Daniel Present Life:

Currently, Jeffrey Daniel resides in Lagos, Abuja, London, and Osaka, Japan. He is multilingual, with a good command of Cantonese and fluency in speaking and writing Japanese.

Jeffrey Daniel Net Worth:

$3.5 million


Jeffrey Daniel’s impact on the entertainment world as a dancer, singer, and choreographer is undeniable. From introducing the iconic “moonwalk” to collaborating with music legends, he has left an indelible legacy in the world of performing arts. With his talent, versatility, and contributions, Jeffrey Daniel continues to be a driving force in the entertainment industry. You can keep up with his endeavors and adventures on his Instagram (@jeffreydanielofficial) and Twitter (@Jeffrey_Daniel) accounts.

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