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Jessica Cediel Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Career, Instagram, Net Worth, Wiki, Parents, Husband, Height

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Jessica Eliana Cediel Silva, better known as Jessica Cediel, is a talented and stunning Colombian actress, television personality, and model. Born on April 4, 1982, in Bogota, Colombia, she has captivated audiences with her beauty and charisma. Today, she has not only made a name for herself in Hollywood but has also launched her beauty cosmetics line called “J Cediel Beauty” in Colombia. Let’s delve into the life and career of this remarkable individual who has conquered hearts both on and off the screen.

Jessica Cediel Early Life and Education:

Jessica Cediel was born to Virginia and Alfonso Cediel and grew up alongside her two sisters, Melissa and Virginia. She attended the University of La Sabana, where she pursued a bachelor’s degree in Social Communication and Journalism. During her time as a student, she was crowned Miss Bogota, opening the door to numerous opportunities in the entertainment industry.

Jessica Cediel Career:

Jessica’s journey in the entertainment world began with modeling and TV presenting in Colombia. She worked for various media companies and soon found herself in Miami, where she graced the covers of magazines like “Paparazzi” and appeared in commercials. Her talent led her to become an entertainment host on the TV show “Bravissimo,” followed by roles on “Muy Buenos Dias,” “Nuestra Semana, nuestra tele,” and “Estilo RCN.”

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In 2014, Jessica made a significant move to Miami and became the host of “The Fat Man and the Skinny Woman,” a popular Spanish-language entertainment news show on Univision. Although she left the show in 2015, her career continued to soar as she became a presenter for “Premios Juventud” and “Sal y Pimienta” in 2016. Currently, she is working on the Telemundo-aired TV series “La Voz U.S.,” where she helps aspiring Latino singers fulfill their dreams.

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Jessica Cediel Acting:

Apart from her hosting career, Jessica Cediel has also showcased her acting talent. She appeared in telenovelas like “Hasta Que la Pata Nos Sepa,” “Historias Classificadas,” and “Los Graduados,” as well as in films like “Todas Para Uno,” “Condorito,” and “Nadie Sabe Para Quien Trabaja.” Her versatility as an actress has won her praise from audiences and critics alike.

Jessica Cediel Awards:

Jessica’s hard work and dedication have earned her recognition and accolades. In 2012, she won the TV Novelas Award for the Best Entertainment Presenter for her show “Our Week.” She was also nominated for the same award in 2014, as well as for her performance in the RCN show “Style” in the same year.

Jessica Cediel Personal Life:

Jessica Cediel’s romantic life has been a topic of interest for many. She was previously in a relationship with pop-star Pipe Bueno for five years. However, due to the challenges of a long-distance relationship, they eventually parted ways. Currently single, Jessica has expressed her readiness to love again and hopes to have children in the future.

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Jessica Cediel Encounter with Tom Cruise:

In a surprising encounter, Hollywood actor Tom Cruise was charmed by Jessica Cediel when they met in Times Square. Tom even asked for her phone number, sparking speculation about their connection. However, the extent of their interaction remains unknown.

Jessica Cediel Surgical Challenges:

Jessica has been candid about undergoing two surgeries—an eyebrow lift and buttocks plastic injections. Unfortunately, the latter resulted in complications, leaving her with scars and black marks. She underwent additional procedures to correct the issues and has since sued her surgeon.

Jessica Cediel Net Worth



Jessica Cediel’s journey from Miss Bogota to a renowned Hollywood personality and entrepreneur is a testament to her talent and determination. With her successful career in modeling, TV presenting, and acting, she continues to inspire many. As she focuses on her acting and hosting pursuits, her beauty cosmetics line, “J Cediel Beauty,” flourishes in Colombia, leaving a lasting impact on her fans and the beauty industry.

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