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Biography and Networth

Kanayo O. Kanayo Biography: Age, Wife, Net Worth, Family, Daughter, State of Origin, Business, Movies, House & Cars

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Kanayo O. Kanayo, whose real name is Anayo Modestus Onyekwere MFR, is a renowned Nigerian veteran actor, successful businessman, and accomplished lawyer. Born on March 1, 1962, in Mbaise, Imo State, he has made significant contributions to the Nigerian entertainment industry and beyond. Join us as we delve into the life, career, and achievements of this multi-talented personality.

Kanayo O. Kanayo Early Life and Education:

Kanayo O. Kanayo was raised in the Mbaise Local Government Area of Imo State, Nigeria. He received his primary education at St. Joseph Primary School in Aba, Abia State, where he obtained his First School Leaving Certificate. Continuing his educational journey, he attended Secondary Technical School in Aba for his secondary studies.

With a passion for knowledge, Kanayo pursued higher education at the prestigious University of Lagos. There, he earned a degree in philosophy, as well as diplomas in law and mass communication. Not stopping there, he later obtained a master’s in political science and, in 2018, graduated from the University of Abuja with a law degree, eventually being admitted to the Nigerian Bar in 2020.

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Kanayo O. Kanayo Career in Acting:

Kanayo’s acting career took off in 1982 when he began appearing in productions by the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA). However, it was in 1992 when he made his debut on the big screen in the film “Living in Bondage,” that he gained widespread recognition. Since then, he has starred in more than 100 movies, showcasing his versatile acting skills.

He received critical acclaim for his role in the film “Family Battle,” winning the Best Actor in a Leading Role award at the 2006 African Movie Academy Awards. Additionally, his performance in “Across the Niger” earned him a nomination for the 2008 African Movie Academy Award for Best Actor.

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Beyond the silver screen, Kanayo has also made notable appearances in the sitcom “Professor Johnbull” and the popular movie “Lion Heart.” He is well-regarded for his portrayal of villainous characters, particularly in films exploring occult rituals.

Kanayo O. Kanayo Career in Politics and Business:

While excelling in his acting career, Kanayo ventured into politics. In 2011, he contested for the position of Speaker of the Imo State House of Representatives, though he was not successful. He later ran for the position of Ahiazu/Ezinihitte Mbaise representative in the Federal House of Representatives in 2018 under the APGA political party, but the election outcome was not in his favor.

Apart from his political endeavors, Kanayo is a successful businessman. He has established himself as one of the wealthiest actors in Nollywood, with an estimated net worth of $3 million.

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Kanayo O. Kanayo Personal Life:

Kanayo O. Kanayo is happily married to his beloved wife, Nneka Onyekwere. The couple tied the knot in 1999 and has been enjoying a prosperous and fulfilling union. They are blessed with four children: Uloaku Valerie Onyekwere, Kosisochukwu Montell Onyekwere, Einstein Onyekwere, and Clinton Onyekwere, also known as the Onye Eze Mbaise.

Kanayo O. Kanayo Net Worth:

$3 million


Kanayo O. Kanayo is a living legend in the Nigerian entertainment industry, leaving a remarkable impact as an actor, businessman, and lawyer. His journey from humble beginnings to achieving great heights is an inspiration to many. As he continues to contribute to the world of acting and beyond, we eagerly anticipate witnessing more of his exceptional performances and achievements. Connect with Kanayo O. Kanayo on Instagram (@kanayo.o.kanayo) and Twitter (@KanayoOKanayo) to stay updated on his endeavors.

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