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Kate Stoltz Biography: Age, Husband, Net Worth, Married, Wikipedia, Instagram, Height, Clothing

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Kate Stoltz, an American model, designer, and TV personality, has come a long way from her Amish upbringing on a farm in Myerstown, Pennsylvania. Born on September 21, 1991, Kate spent her early days working on the family farm and sewing clothes for her loved ones. However, destiny had other plans for her as she pursued her dreams and became a renowned model and advocate for charitable causes. Let’s delve into the fascinating journey of Kate Stoltz, from Breaking Amish to the glamorous world of fashion.

Kate Stoltz Early Life and Education:

Kate Stoltz was born on September 21, 1991, into an Amish family on a 100-acre farm in Myerstown, Pennsylvania. Being the middle child in a family of seven, Kate spent her days helping on the farm and honing her sewing skills, creating clothes for her immediate family. Despite her traditional upbringing, Kate was determined to follow her passion for fashion.

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After completing her education, Kate Stoltz pursued a fashion design associate’s degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology, a significant step towards her dreams.

Kate Stoltz Career Beginnings:

Kate Stoltz rose to fame through the reality TV program “Breaking Amish,” which aired on the TLC network. Her appearance on the show introduced her to the world, and she garnered a considerable fan following. Following the success of “Breaking Amish,” Kate continued to be part of the follow-up series “Return to Amish,” which premiered on June 1, 2014.

Her aspirations led her to New York City, where she ventured into the world of modeling. Kate worked for various brands like Gypsy Sisters, Spiegal, Bella, and Union Bay, making a mark with her talent and beauty. In July 2013, she even graced the pages of Maxim magazine, further boosting her modeling career.

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Kate Stoltz Social Initiatives:

Kate Stoltz’s journey is not solely about fame and success; she is also actively involved in philanthropy. She serves as a spokesperson for the nonprofit organization Developing Faces, which conducts missions to Guatemala to assist people with facial deformities. Additionally, she extends her support to the MCC and the Food Bank, showcasing her commitment to making a positive impact on others’ lives.

Kate Stoltz Personal Life and Net Worth:

Kate Stoltz keeps her personal life private, and though rumors circulate, she is said to be in a relationship with Dr. Robert Morin, who performed her nose job. Dr. Morin is the founder of Underdeveloped Faces, a charitable organization that provides surgical care to children with facial deformities in developing nations. In 2018, Kate took over as the CEO of the organization, showing her dedication to the cause.

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With her successful career in modeling and her involvement in various endeavors, Kate Stoltz has amassed a net worth of $1 million. Her achievements and contributions continue to inspire others.


From her humble beginnings on an Amish farm to becoming a well-known model and TV personality, Kate Stoltz’s journey is a testament to perseverance and following one’s passion. Her commitment to charitable causes further exemplifies her generous spirit. As Kate continues to make her mark in the fashion world and beyond, she remains an inspiration to many. You can follow her exciting journey and endeavors on her Instagram account @katestoltz.

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