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Know How To Prolong The Lifespan Of Your Diesel Engine With These Tips

Diesel engines have many advantages, such as long life. How do you highlight this strength? A diesel engine has a higher initial investment and higher replacement parts costs than a gasoline engine. However, it should be emphasised that diesel engines have a much longer operating life, are more resistant to tearing and wear, and have a longer lifespan if properly maintained.

Proper maintenance of your car’s diesel engine can save you thousands of naira in unexpected breakdowns and keep your car running smoothly for thousands of miles. In this post, we provide a step-by-step guide on how to extend the life of your diesel engine.

Use the correct type of oil for your vehicle 

At reasonable intervals or whenever you notice any unusual noises or anomalies, have your vehicle checked at a professional vehicle service centre.

The correct type of engine oil should be used and topped up regularly. This is very important for cars. Also, pay attention to the quality of your fuel and make sure you are fueling your engine with the optimum diesel.

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Don’t Stop Abruptly

Stopping Abruptly is very damaging to the engine as the hot oil in the frying pan. The turbine can charge and damage the turbo. So, after a long trip, you should wait at least a minute before turning off the engine.

Never use the fuel in the tank

Impurities tend to settle at the bottom of the tank and can seriously damage the fuel delivery system throughout the fuel consumption process. Therefore, it is recommended to fill up when the fuel tank is only 1/4 full and not long after that. 

Check the oil level regularly

Engine oil level plays an important role in engine operation. Too little oil can destroy the engine. Too much oil can seriously damage the sleeves and pipes. Check your oil level regularly to make sure it’s always at the right level. To do this, the engine must first be turned off and allowed to cool completely.

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Have the mechanic drain the diesel filter

If you have your vehicle serviced at a garage, have the mechanic do the following: Drain the diesel filter. This helps protect the fuel injection system from moisture. You may have to waste extra notes, but it’s worth it.

Replace the oil filter as soon as possible

It is recommended to replace the old oil filter after approximately 60,000 km. Oil filters get dusty over time. Otherwise, dust can enter and damage the injection system. It’s time to replace the air filter, cabin filter, and all other filters in your vehicle. 

Be careful with the RPM

RPM control is very important. Driving the car below 200 rpm to accelerate and not downshifting can cause some short-term problems. Worse yet, this results in higher carbon levels, a predisposition to EGR catalytic valve failure, and increased engine vibration and wear.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Long Do Diesel Engines Last?

A well-maintained diesel engine can run for as many as 1,500,000 miles before needing serious work. This is in comparison to gas engines that usually need major work after 200,000 to 300,000 miles, despite regular maintenance.


Finally, do not use biodiesel in your vehicle as it contains more water than regular diesel and can damage the fuel injection system. Prolonging the life of your diesel engine is a must because diesel has been known to be more expensive than the normal petrol engine, which will mean more cost when it comes to repairs.


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