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Know These Safety Rules To Prevent Accident On Expressway

Do you have good highway driving skills with your car? Expressway driving requires specialized abilities that may be learned. Expressways tend to have more accidents than other types of roads since they are open and spacious. Liken it to street driving, which has some speed restrictions. Even though you could be enjoying the high speed and showing off your driving prowess, it is possible, if you are not careful, to have a terrible vehicle accident.

There are many experienced drivers who can utilize the expressways at any hour, while other drivers are afraid to do so due to their fear of speed. As long as you follow the regulations and take basic safety precautions, driving on the highway is not particularly terrifying.

Check your vehicle’s condition

It is crucial that you inspect your automobile before navigating the expressways. You don’t want to take a chance by driving a damaged car on the highway. Examine the brakes, lighting, steering, transmission, and all other vital components of your automobile. Make sure everything is operating as it should; you don’t want to be on the expressway and discover that your brakes are broken. Take your automobile in for the necessary maintenance before you start driving.

Never overlook checking your tires. Check to see if your automobile has the proper amount of air pressure. The weight of your automobile will cause an underinflated tire to bulge out. When you go at a high rate of speed, it bobs up and down. Overheating causes it to weaken and rupture. Ensure that your tires are inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended level.

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Steer clear of large vehicles 

This doesn’t imply that you should stop to allow every truck to pass, but rather that you shouldn’t attempt an abrupt overtake. Avoid acting foolishly and starting a race with a truck or large lorry that is approaching you at a high rate of speed. They are made in that manner for a reason. Additionally, you never know when their brakes will malfunction, so take caution.

Watch your speed 

Feeling the wind on your face while driving at high speed is usually enjoyable and invigorating. But bear in mind that you shouldn’t go too fast. Keep in mind that moving slowly is also undesirable. There are speed limits for driving on local streets and on expressways; abide by each one.

Give a signal before passing 

This time, though, we are not deliberately bringing it up for passing large vehicles or lorries. Always sound your horn as a warning before passing any vehicle. Do this without becoming distracted or forgetting to do it. Horning before passing a car alerts the driver in front of it that one is coming up behind it. This helps them to position their automobile for you to pass, and so you do not overtake them by surprise. Some drivers lost their lives as a result of their sheer disregard for the law.

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Bear in mind the blind spot 

Before changing lanes, always check your blind area, mirrors, and to see if someone is crossing the road. To be able to see the vehicles and people in your rear-view and outside mirrors, you should aim to maintain a safe distance. Try to avoid driving in other people’s blind areas as well.

Avoid changing lanes

On the freeway, you should always stay in the right lane. The passing lane is on the left. Avoid staying in the left lane if you don’t intend to pass, since doing so irritates and befuddles other motorists. Additionally, try to avoid making lane changes when they are not necessary.

On wet days, go more slowly 

Avoid traveling too quickly on the highway when it is raining. You should slow down to improve your traction and allow the tires to properly contact the pavement. Make sure your tires are properly in contact with the ground to prevent hydroplaning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are 7 things you can do to prevent accidents?

Develop the right attitude about driving. …
Get as much supervised practice driving as possible. …
ALWAYS wear your safety belt. …
Underage drinking and drug use is illegal. …
Limit your passengers. …
Limit your night driving. …
Keep it slow and safe for starters.

What are the rules to avoid accident?

Drive in the prescribed speed limits on the various roads. Always remember that “Speed thrills but kills”. Always put on helmets, seat belts and other safety equipments before driving a bicycle/ motor cycle/vehicle.


You shouldn’t abruptly stop your automobile without giving a signal, a warning, or a chance to calm down. Such a sudden stop might frighten the vehicles behind you and cause an accident. You should switch on your warning lights in an emergency. Then, stop as quickly and cautiously as you can.These are very important driving tips for highway or express cruising. 


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