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Let’s Take Charge Of Diabetes | World Diabetes Day 2022

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In this rapidly progressing world, most of us lead fast-paced lifestyles. We eat on the go, drink less water, and sleep significantly less, and that has increased the risk of lifestyle disorders. And, one such chronic condition is diabetes

Today, 1 in 2 adults with diabetes is undiagnosed worldwide, out of which 1 in every 12 adults living with diabetes is in India, the second highest in the world. With an increasing number of people being diagnosed with diabetes every year, there is a greater need for early detection and prompt treatment.

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PharmEasy conducted a survey amongst its regular chronic customers who purchased diabetes medicines and booked diabetes-related health checkups. Here’s what we found out.

Diabetes management not only involves treatment and supervision by a diabetologist but also focuses on improving the quality of life by eating a healthy diet, leading an active lifestyle and regularly monitoring blood sugar levels.

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Let us look at how PharmEasy customers are actively taking charge of their diabetes.


While the rise in the number of people with diabetes is alarming, following your doctor’s prescription sincerely, inculcating healthy habits and regular health check-ups may help lower its consequences. 

Together, let’s take charge and manage diabetes better.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images and information contained in or available through this article is for general information purposes only.

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