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List of Nigeria Vehicle Plate Number Abbreviation and Meaning

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Have you ever wondered why vehicle plates are necessary? Why all those digits and figures? What do they mean?

About all Nigerians know that every vehicle in Nigeria must have a number plate, but only a few can decide what the number and abbreviations mean. Here is a privilege for you to understand the abbreviations and numbers written on vehicle plates in Nigeria. Read along!

2008 Toyota Highlander with carmart.ng plate number
2008 Toyota Highlander with carmart.ng plate number

Plate Number Abbreviation in Nigeria

All the countries of the world use plate number on their vehicles so, this is not a case peculiar to Nigeria alone. The adoption of the use of plate numbers is the government’s firm method of identifying all vehicles in a country.

Vehicles are made in similar models, external features, and colours which make it a bit difficult to differentiate one from the other. So, whether you ride a motorcycle or own a car, your vehicle is expected to carry a number plate.

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Vehicle number plates are formed in different ways with each character having its own significance. The numbers are formed based on individual country preferences.

Nigeria’s unique format:

  • XYZ-234MN

The “XYZ” signifies what Local Government Area you got your vehicle registration done. Next to it is 3 figures, then after that comes the other two letters. These last two letters are basically for numbering.

  • Example:

The numbering starts from 1 like this: 001AA, and ends at 9; 999AA. Once this cycle is complete, you’ll move to 001AB till 999AB, the numbering goes on and on like that. Sometimes, the first letters in this sample could be used to different vehicle types. A for private vehicles, X for commercial vehicles, Q for tricycles and bikes while H is used for Hilux.

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Nigeria Plate Number Colours

Nigeria Plate Number Colours
Nigeria Plate Number Colours

Nigeria plate numbers are usually white in colour while the numbers are written in blue. Perhaps you have noticed that the numbers are written in different colours, some red while some are in green. The colour used is also significant. Red is used for commercial vehicles, green for government plates, purple is used for imprinting diplomatic plates, and white colour is used for lettering.

In the case of diplomatic plates, two or three figures are used to symbolize what country the owner of the car represents. These figures are imprinted then followed by two letters and figures. CORPS DIPLOMATIQUE would be clearly written where the state is supposed to be on this type of number plate.

As aforementioned, the first three letters on a typical Nigeria number plate represent the Local Government Area in which the vehicle was registered. These LGAs are always abbreviated, which confuses many individuals.

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Below is a list of typical Nigeria Plate Number Abbreviation under each state and what they represent;

Abuja Vehicle Plate Number

Abbreviation Local Government
KWL Kwali Area Council
ABC Abuja Municipal Council
BWR Bwari Area Council
RSH Karshi Area Council

Lagos State Vehicle Plate Number

Abbreviation Local government
FST Festac 
SMK Somolu
KJA Ikeja
AAA Lagos Island LG
FKJ Ifako Ijaiye
AKD Ibeju Lekki
LND Lagos Mainland
LSR Surulere
LSD Oshodi Isolo
KSF Kosofe
AGL Ajeromi Ifelodun
APP Apapa
KTU Alimosho
BDG Badagry
EKY Eti-Osa LG
KRD Ikorodu
MUS Mushin
GGE Agege

Osun State Vehicle Plate Number

Abbreviation Local Government
KRE Ikire
FNN Ifon Osun
SGB Osogbo
LES Ilesa
GBN Gbongan

Katsina State Vehicle Plate Number

Abbreviation Local Government
BAT Batagarawa
CRC Charanchi
BDW Bindawa
DDM Dandume
BKR Bakori
DMS Danmusa
NGW Ingawa
JBY Jibia
KFY Kafur
BRE Baure
DJA Danja
MLF Malumfashi
KTN Katsina
DTS Dutse

Oyo State Vehicle Plate Number

Abbreviation Local Government
BDJ Bodija
GBR Igbo Ora
SEY Iseyin
LUY Oluyole (Ibadan)
AME Arowomole (Ogbomoso)
MAP Mapo (Ibadan)
NRK Onireke (Ibadan)

Cross River State Vehicle Plate Number

Abbreviation Local Government
BJE Boki (Boje)
KAM Akamkpa
ANA Calabar South (Anatigha)
CAL Calabar Municipal
KMM Ikom
BRA Obubra
DUK Odukpani
GEP Yakurr
BNS Obanliku (Sankwala)
EFE Etung (Effraya)
GGJ Ogoja
CKK Yala (Okpoma)
TGD Abi (Itigidi)
UDU Obudu
BKS Bakassi

Kano State Vehicle Plate Number

Abbreviation Local Government
GWL Gwale
NSR Nasarawa
UGG Ungogo
KMC Kano Municipal
TRN Tarauni
DTF Dawakin Tofa
DAL Dala

Ekiti State Vehicle Plate Number

Abbreviation Local Government
KER Ikere Ekiti
EFY Efon Alaye
ADK Ado Ekiti
EMR Emure Ekiti
AMK Aramoko
KLE Ikole Ekiti
TUN Moba LG (Otun)

Ondo State Vehicle Plate Number

Abbreviation Local Government
WEN Idanre LG (Owena)
KEK Ile Oluji LG (Ile oLuji)
AKR Akure South LG (Akure)
KTP Okitipupa LG
FFN Ose LG (Ifon)
REE Odigbo LG (Ore)
SUA Akoko South East LG (Isua)
JTA Akure North LG (Ita Ogbolu)
NND Ondo West LG (Ondo)

Rivers State Vehicle Plate Number

Abbreviation Local Government
ABU Aboa/Odual  
AHD Ahoada-East  
KNM Ahoada-West  
ABM Akukutoru  
NDN    Andoni
BGM   Asari-Toru
BNY   Bonny
DEG    Degema
NCH   Eleme
MHA   Emuoha
KHE   Etche
KPR Gokana  
SKP   Ikwerre
BRR     Khana
RUM Onia/Akpor  
RGM   Ogba-Egbema-Ndoni
GGU   Ogu/Bolo
KRK   Okirika
BER   Omuma
PBT   Opobo/Nkoro

You cannot just hit the road with a new car in Nigeria, there are due processes you must follow. You must first get your new vehicle registered in your preferred Local Government Area and get a number plate. If you have a plate number that has not been used before, you must get it verified at the appropriate quarters first before attaching it to your vehicle. Getting a plate number would cost you a bit but the amount cannot be compared with the price of your vehicle.

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