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Biography and Networth

Martie Allen Biography: Age, Husband, Net Worth, Parents, Wiki, Height, Nationality, Father, Children

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Martie Allen, a beloved American actress and television personality, has captured the hearts of many through her remarkable journey in the entertainment industry. While she initially remained relatively unknown in the public eye, her life took a momentous turn when she began dating the talented singer and actress, Kristy McNichol. This blog post delves into Martie Allen’s life, her career as an actress, and her heartwarming relationship with Kristy.

Martie Allen Early Life and Career:

Born on January 1, 1960, in the United States, Martie Allen is of White ancestry and holds American nationality. She pursued a career in education, working as a teacher and occasionally dabbling in acting. During the 1980s, Martie appeared in a few films and television shows, playing supporting roles that received limited attention and recognition at the time.

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Martie Allen Net Worth:

With her contributions to the entertainment world and other endeavors, Martie Allen has amassed an estimated net worth of approximately $500,000.

Martie Allen The Love Story:

Martie’s life took a significant turn when she crossed paths with Kristy McNichol, a renowned singer and actress. The couple began dating in the early 1990s, though they kept their relationship private initially. Despite rumors circulating about Kristy’s sexuality, it wasn’t until 2012 that she publicly acknowledged being a lesbian and her enduring relationship with Martie.

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Martie Allen Personal Life and Philanthropy:

Martie and Kristy have chosen not to formalize their relationship through marriage, but they have remained devoted partners throughout the years. In 2012, when Kristy came out, she revealed that they had been living together since the early ’90s. Their decision to be open about their love was driven by a desire to support young individuals facing bullying due to their sexual orientation.

As time passed, the couple gradually withdrew from the spotlight. Kristy McNichol transitioned from acting to teaching, imparting her knowledge of the craft to aspiring talents at a private school in Los Angeles.

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Despite their reduced public presence, Martie and Kristy continue to engage in philanthropic activities, dedicating time to charitable endeavors and participating in sports like tennis and yoga together.


Martie Allen’s life story is one of love, resilience, and advocacy. From her humble beginnings as a teacher and supporting actress to her transformative romance with Kristy McNichol, she has become an inspiration to many. Together, they stand as advocates for acceptance and understanding, leaving a positive impact on society through their charitable contributions and loving partnership.

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