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Matthew Noszka Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Daughter, Movies, Net Worth, Instagram, Wikipedia, Husband

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Matthew Noszka, the American model and actor, has captured the hearts of many with his impressive career journey. Born on October 27, 1992, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Matthew’s early life was filled with a love for sports, particularly basketball, which he inherited from his grandfather, a former professional basketball player. Little did he know that his path would lead him to the glamorous world of modeling and acting. In this blog post, we’ll explore Matthew’s fascinating journey, from his humble beginnings to his success as a sought-after model and a rising star in the acting industry.

Matthew Noszka Early Life and Education:

Growing up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Matthew Noszka had a passion for athletics, especially basketball. His grandfather’s love for the sport inspired him to pursue it further. After graduating from Chartiers Valley High School, he attended Point Park University on a basketball scholarship, where he majored in business. During college breaks, he took on odd jobs, including working on construction sites.

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Matthew Noszka A Chance Encounter with Modeling:

In 2014, Matthew’s life took an unexpected turn when he posted a photo on Instagram, showcasing a deck he had built with his family friend. This caught the attention of a New York City-based agency representative, Luke Simone. Impressed by Matthew’s strong build and striking looks, Luke reached out to him and offered him a modeling opportunity. At the time, Matthew had never considered modeling before, but he decided to give it a chance.

Matthew Noszka Rise to Modeling Stardom:

Matthew was soon signed by the renowned agency ‘Wilhelmina Models’ after a successful face-to-face audition in New York City. His career kicked off with a big break, as he was booked for a Nike modeling gig shortly after. This opened doors for him, and he went on to work with various prominent brands, including ‘Express,’ ‘Abercrombie & Fitch,’ ‘American Eagle,’ ‘Joe’s Jeans,’ and ‘Ports 1961.’ Additionally, he graced the runways of prestigious fashion houses like ‘Balmain,’ ‘Moschino,’ and ‘Philipp Plein.’

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Matthew Noszka Success in the Entertainment Industry:

Matthew Noszka’s charisma and talent were not limited to the modeling world. In 2018, he achieved a major breakthrough in acting when he landed a recurring role in the musical drama series “Star.” His character, “Jackson Ellis,” an aspiring musician, quickly became a fan favorite, earning him a prominent position in the show’s third season.

Matthew Noszka Personal Ventures and Relationships:

Apart from his thriving modeling and acting career, Matthew is an entrepreneur and the owner of “412 Motorsports,” a high-end auto-customization and vehicle repair business in Los Angeles. He is also involved in the ‘REVIVE Project,’ a company he co-founded with his friends.

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On a personal front, Matthew has been romantically linked with Canadian social media personality and actress Inanna Sarkis since 2017. The couple, who often refer to each other as best friends, welcomed their first daughter, Nova Noszka, on September 12th, 2020.

Matthew Noszka Net Worth:

$1million – $5million


Matthew Noszka’s journey from a basketball-loving boy in Pittsburgh to a successful model and actor in the entertainment industry is nothing short of inspiring. With his talent, hard work, and charming personality, Matthew has carved a niche for himself in both modeling and acting. As he continues to shine in his career and personal life, fans eagerly await to see what exciting ventures he’ll undertake next. You can keep up with Matthew’s journey by following him on his social media channels: Instagram (@matthew_noszka), Twitter (@matthew_noszka), and Facebook (@MatthewNoszka).

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