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Biography and Networth

Onome Ebi Biography: Age, Husband, Net Worth, Parents, Siblings, Boyfriend, House, Cars, Salary, Children

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Onome Ebi, born on May 8, 1983, in Lagos, Nigeria, is a renowned professional Nigerian footballer known for her exceptional skills as a centre-back. She hails from Urhobo in Delta State and has made significant contributions to both her club and national teams. Ebi is celebrated for her historic achievement of becoming the first African footballer, regardless of gender, to participate in six FIFA World Cup Tournaments.

Onome Ebi Husband and Children

As of now, Onome Ebi’s marital status remains single, and she hasn’t disclosed any information about a husband or children. Her primary focus seems to be on her football career and representing Nigeria on the international stage.

Onome Ebi Net Worth

Onome Ebi’s success in the world of football has contributed to an estimated net worth of around $900,000. Her dedication and skills have paved the way for both personal and professional achievements.

Onome Ebi Biography Instagram and Social Media Channels

You can follow Onome Ebi on her official social media channels to stay updated on her career and activities. She may share insights into her training, matches, and other aspects of her life through platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and possibly Facebook.

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Onome Ebi Boyfriend

As of now, Onome Ebi hasn’t publicly revealed any information about her boyfriend or dating life. She seems to be keeping her personal relationships private while focusing on her football endeavors.

Onome Ebi House and Cars

Details about Onome Ebi’s house and cars are not available in the provided information. Her focus appears to be on her football career, and she may prefer to keep her personal assets private.

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Onome Ebi Age and Real Name

Born on May 8, 1983, Onome Ebi is currently in her late thirties. Her real name is indeed Onome Ebi, and she has gained recognition both nationally and internationally for her contributions to women’s football.

Onome Ebi Tribe and Religion

Onome Ebi is of Urhobo descent, which is an ethnic group in Delta State, Nigeria. However, information about her religious beliefs is not provided in the given details.

Onome Ebi State of Origin

Onome Ebi’s state of origin is Delta State, Nigeria. This information underscores her Nigerian heritage and connection to her roots.

Onome Ebi Phone Number and WhatsApp Number

Unfortunately, her phone number and WhatsApp number are not provided here. It’s important to respect her privacy and refrain from seeking personal contact details.

Onome Ebi Residential House Address

Details about Onome Ebi’s residential house address are not available. Her privacy and security should be respected, and sharing such information publicly is not advisable.

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Onome Ebi Educational Background and Schools Attended

While the information provided doesn’t offer specifics, it is mentioned that Onome Ebi began playing football at a young age in Lagos, Nigeria, before starting her education. The details about her educational background and schools attended are not provided in the given text.

Onome Ebi Career and Source of Wealth

Onome Ebi’s football career has taken her to various clubs and leagues around the world, including Sweden’s Damallsvenskan and various Turkish and Chinese teams. Her remarkable achievements include participating in multiple FIFA Women’s World Cup tournaments and winning the African Women’s Championship multiple times with the Nigerian national team. Her dedication to the sport has contributed to her net worth, which is estimated to be around $900,000.

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