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Biography and Networth

Oracene Price Biography: Age, Husband, Net Worth, Daughters, Height, Home, Wiki, Instagram, Pictures, Nationality

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Meet Oracene Price, an extraordinary woman whose life revolves around the world of tennis. Born on April 3, 1952, in Saginaw, Michigan, USA, Oracene is renowned as a tennis coach and the proud mother of professional tennis superstars, Venus and Serena Williams. This blog post delves into her early life, career, personal achievements, and her role as a guiding force for her talented daughters.

Oracene Price Early Life and Education:

Oracene, also known as “Brandy,” was born to a father who worked in the auto industry and hailed from Mississippi Delta. She attended Buena Vista High School and later earned degrees from Western Michigan University in 1970.

Oracene Price Career and Philanthropy:

Oracene’s dedication and support were instrumental in her husband Richard Williams’ coaching journey for their daughters, Venus and Serena. Both girls went on to achieve incredible success, winning numerous Grand Slam competitions. Oracene Price’s philanthropic efforts were also remarkable, as she traveled to Senegal to aid in building schools and to Kenya for charitable work alongside her daughter Serena.

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Oracene Price Role as a Coach and Parent:

While her coaching skills might have been overshadowed by her daughters’ fame, Oracene Price played a crucial role in building their self-esteem and nurturing their interests in extracurricular activities. Though not a coach in the traditional sense, she learned tennis herself to better guide Venus and Serena in understanding the technical aspects of the game.

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Oracene’s Personal Life:

Oracene was married twice in her life. Her first marriage to Yusef Rasheed blessed her with three daughters: Yetunde Price, Lyndrea Price, and Isha Price. Tragically, Yusef Rasheed passed away while Oracene was working as a nurse. Later, she married Richard Williams and had two more daughters, Venus and Serena. However, the couple filed for divorce in 2002, citing irreconcilable differences, and Oracene returned to using her maiden name, Price.

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Oracene Price Net Worth:

As an accomplished tennis coach and mother of tennis legends, Oracene Price has amassed a net worth of around $1.5 million.


Oracene Price’s life is an inspiring tale of perseverance, dedication, and love for the sport of tennis and her family. Her role as a coach and guiding force for her daughters, Venus and Serena Williams, has left an indelible mark on the world of tennis. Despite challenges, Oracene’s support and nurturing have played a vital role in shaping her daughters’ successful careers. Her legacy as a tennis coach and devoted mother will continue to inspire generations to come.

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