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Biography and Networth

Papa Ajasco Biography: Age, Femi Ogunrombi, Wife, Net Worth, Wikipedia, Family, Children, State of Origin, Movies

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In the world of Nigerian entertainment, Femi Ogunrombi, known professionally as Papa Ajasco, was a renowned actor and comedian. He charmed audiences with his humorous roles in films and became particularly famous for his portrayal of the beloved character “Papa Ajasco” in the hit television series by Wale Adenuga Productions. This blog post celebrates the life and career of the late Femi Ogunrombi, a man who brought joy and laughter to countless people.

 Papa Ajasco Early Life and Career Beginnings:

Femi Ogunrombi, also called Papa Ajasco, was born in Ille-Ife and raised in Abeokuta, Ogun State. In the 1970s, he moved to Lagos with dreams of becoming a medical nurse. However, his true passion for the arts eventually led him to leave the medical profession and embark on a journey in entertainment.

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 Papa Ajasco Rise to Fame:

Papa Ajasco gained fame as a versatile entertainer, excelling not only as an actor but also as a skilled singer and highlife musician. He was affectionately nicknamed “Uncle Ogurombo” due to his musical talents. The pinnacle of his career came when he took on the titular role in the popular television series “Papa Ajasco,” produced by Wale Adenuga. The show garnered widespread acclaim and further cemented Femi Ogunrombi’s status as a comedy legend in Nigeria.

 Papa Ajasco Other Achievements:

Beyond his acting and music career, Papa Ajasco also served as the music director for Nigeria’s National Troupe and held the position of director of studies at Pencil Film & Television Institute. Throughout his remarkable journey, spanning over three decades, he earned numerous accolades and awards for his contributions to the entertainment industry.

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 Papa Ajasco Personal Life and Legacy:

Femi Ogunrombi, the talented performer behind Papa Ajasco, was a private individual in his personal life. However, his work and impact on Nigerian television and comedy were immense. Tragically, on January 14, 2023, Femi Ogunrombi passed away, leaving behind a legacy of laughter and joy for generations to cherish.

 Papa Ajasco Net Worth:

$2 million


The Nigerian entertainment industry lost a true gem with the passing of Femi Ogunrombi, fondly known as Papa Ajasco. His ability to make people laugh and smile endeared him to countless fans across the nation. As we remember and honor his contributions, let us celebrate the life of this legendary actor and comedian whose work will continue to bring happiness to audiences for years to come. Rest in peace, Papa Ajasco.

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