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Pastor Dey Use Bulletproof Cars, Members Dey Use Olive Oil, Sticker, Holy Communion

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With the increase in wealth and popularity of many pastors, the first urge for most popular pastors is to get luxury cars. Luxury cars, just like the name implies, are not just merely for transportation. They are also feel-good cars for owners. 

Today, it’s almost impossible to see a pastor whose congregation is booming without having a series of Bulletproof luxury cars to their name. So many pastors have as many as 4 to 10 luxury cars parked in their garages. Others even have more than 10 cars which begs the question, when do they get to drive them all?

Top Nigeria Pastors Who Own Rolls Royce Cars In Nigeria
Top Pastors Who Own Rolls Royce Cars In Nigeria

Of course, it cannot be forgotten that luxury cars are also now investment properties. So, most of these cars purchased by wealthy pastors are not just for show or to have as many as possible. They are also their way of making investments through automobiles. That’s to say, pastors also think business and buying several cars is indeed a business move.

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Many pastors today are also moving towards bulletproofed cars. Bulletproofed cars are known for providing safety and comfort for passengers. That’s to say, the main reason many pastors opt for bulletproofed cars is to secure themselves from any form of attack.

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This is quite understandable, considering the popularity of many pastors and how much they need to protect themselves from possible social harm. 

However, it gets tricky when the only form of protection the majority of the congregation gets is Olive Oil and stickers of their Pastor’s face for protection. While all of these are faith-based, using olive oil and sticker as a protection measure for most people becomes ironical. Because as more and more pastors opt for bulletproof cars for protection, it means olive oil and stickers are not major when it comes to protecting cars and passengers.

In an Instagram post that started the conversation, a commenter said,

“The enemies pursuing the pastors are coming physically since they would obviously be no match in spiritual warfare.


While the enemies pursuing the church members does so spiritually. So you see while the pastor needs a bulletproof car as a physical means of defense while the members need the anointing oil as a spiritual instrument of warfare. You don’t fight a battle that requires the use of guns and conventional weapons with nuclear weapons.

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You people need to stop killing the faiths of the less faithful with this unlearned and Ill-conceived kind of ideals. Question the government for the economy hardship and insecurity in the land. They are they that owes you so much because of the nation is secured the man of God would have no need for a bulletproof car.”

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