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Biography and Networth

Rasmus Højlund Biography: Net Worth, Age, Wife, Girlfriend, Height, House, Cars, Parents, Wikipedia

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Rasmus Winther Højlund, known in the football world as Rasmus Højlund, was born on February 4, 2003, in Copenhagen, Denmark. He is a talented Danish professional footballer who has made a name for himself as a forward for both Manchester United and the Denmark national team.

Rasmus Højlund Net Worth

As of now, Rasmus Højlund’s estimated net worth is around $500,000. His career achievements and success on the field have contributed to his financial growth.

Rasmus Højlund Wife and Children

Currently, there is no information available about Rasmus Højlund’s wife or children. He is known to be in a relationship with Laura Rhod.

Rasmus Højlund Biography Instagram and Social Media Channels

Rasmus Højlund is active on social media platforms such as Instagram, where he shares glimpses of his football journey, personal life, and interactions with fans. You can follow him on Instagram @rasmushojlund to stay updated on his activities.

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Rasmus Højlund Girlfriend

Rasmus Højlund is in a relationship with Laura Rhod. She is his girlfriend and they share moments of their life together on social media.

Rasmus Højlund Age and Real Name

Rasmus Højlund was born on February 4, 2003, which makes him [current age] years old as of now. His full real name is Rasmus Winther Højlund.

Rasmus Højlund State of Origin

Rasmus Højlund hails from Copenhagen, Denmark. His state of origin is also Copenhagen.

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Rasmus Højlund Residential House Address

As a public figure, Rasmus Højlund’s residential address is not disclosed for privacy and security reasons.

Rasmus Højlund Educational Background and Schools Attended

Højlund completed his education at Copenhagen’s youth academy, where he honed his football skills. His dedication to both academics and sports paved the way for his successful career.

Rasmus Højlund Career and Source of Wealth

Rasmus Højlund’s football journey began in Copenhagen, where he marked his professional debut at the age of 17 in October 2020. He showcased his talent and skill, scoring goals and making a significant impact during his time with the club.

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In January 2022, he joined the Austrian club Sturm Graz before attracting the attention of Atalanta, a Serie A club, later that year. His move to Atalanta was accompanied by a reported transfer fee of €17 million. His performances both at the club level and on the international stage have contributed to his growing wealth.

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