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Biography and Networth

Shan George Biography: Age, First Husband, Net Worth, Daughter, Father, Mother, Sons, Siblings, Parents, Wiki, State of Origin

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Shan George, a renowned Nigerian actress, singer, film director, and producer, has left an indelible mark on the Nigerian entertainment industry. Born on April 21, 1970, in Ediba, Abi, Cross River State, she has had a remarkable career that spans acting, singing, and filmmaking. In this blog post, we’ll delve into her early life, education, career achievements, movies and series, personal life, and the recognition she has received. Let’s explore the fascinating journey of Shan George!

Shan George Early Life and Education:

Shan George was born to a Nigerian mother and a British father in the town of Ediba, Cross River State. She attended Edanafa Secondary Commercial School in Ediba before pursuing higher education. Her passion for storytelling and the arts led her to study mass communication at the University of Lagos. During her final year, she showcased her talent by producing her first film, “All For Winnie.”

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Shan George Career:

Shan George’s acting journey began while she was still in school, and she continued to excel in the field after her debut film. Alongside her acting career, she ventured into music and released her debut studio album, “Dance,” in 2010, receiving positive reviews from critics. Additionally, she established the Divine Shield Film Academy, a Nigerian film school that provides free courses, contributing to the growth of the country’s film industry.

Shan George Movies and Series:

Throughout her illustrious career, Shan George has been part of numerous successful movies and series. Some of her notable works include “Winds Of Destiny,” “After The Storm,” “Thorns Of Rose,” “Outcast,” “Made in Heaven,” “Super Zebraman,” and many more. Her performances have earned her accolades and cemented her status as a talented actress.

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Shan George Net Worth:

As a result of her success and influence in the entertainment industry, Shan George’s net worth is estimated to be around $300,000.

Shan George Personal Life:

Shan George’s personal life has experienced its share of ups and downs. She has been married multiple times, with her first marriage taking place when she was just 16 years old. Her most notable marriage was to Anthony Nwosisi, a London based Nigerian businessman, with whom she has two children – Jaga Nwosisi and Delnoi Nwosisi.

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Shan George Awards and Recognitions:

Shan George’s outstanding contributions to Nigerian cinema have earned her numerous awards and recognitions. She has received accolades like the Most Acclaimed Actress in Nigeria at the Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA), Best Actress in Nigeria at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA), and the Best Actress Award at the Golden Icon Movie Academy Awards (GIAMA), among others.


Shan George’s journey from a young girl in Ediba to an accomplished actress, singer, and filmmaker is truly inspiring. With her remarkable talent and unwavering determination, she has carved a niche for herself in the Nigerian entertainment industry. As she continues to captivate audiences with her performances, Shan George remains a trailblazer for aspiring actors and filmmakers in Nigeria and beyond.

Follow Shan George on Instagram: @shangeorgefilms for more updates on her exciting journey!

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