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Shawn Faqua Biography: Age, Wife, Net Worth, Parents, Siblings, State of Origin, Family, Married, Instagram, Children

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In the vibrant world of Nigerian entertainment, Shawn Faqua stands out as a multi-talented personality, celebrated for his remarkable acting skills and philanthropic endeavors. Born on June 6 in Imo State, Nigeria, Shawn has risen to prominence as an award-winning actor, model, and television presenter. Let’s delve into the life and career of this versatile artist who has captured the hearts of audiences across Africa.

Shawn Faqua Early Life and Education:

Shawn Faqua’s journey began at the University of Port Harcourt, where he pursued a degree in electrical engineering. However, his passion for the arts soon led him to explore various creative avenues such as theater, directing, modeling, choreography, and singing.

His modeling career took off, gracing billboards and televised shows. In 2012, he earned a Certificate in Acting from the Nollywood Upgrade Training in association with the Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University. Inspired by his love for acting, Shawn made the bold decision to transition from engineering to a full-time acting career in 2014.

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Shawn Faqua Career Highlights:

Shawn Faqua’s impressive acting talent has earned him critical acclaim and recognition in the Nigerian film industry. Notable roles like Chuks in Emem Isong’s “Code of Silence,” Rambo in Dare Olaitan’s “Ojukokoro,” and Vincent in “The Lagos Cougars” have showcased his versatility and acting prowess. His outstanding performance in “The Lagos Cougars” garnered him four award nominations, including a nod for Best Young/Promising Actor at the 10th Africa Movie Academy Awards.

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Apart from his film work, Shawn has also graced the stages of various theater productions, displaying his passion for performing arts. One of his notable stage performances was in Charles Novia’s “Put a Ring on It,” where he masterfully portrayed dual roles.

Shawn Faqua Philanthropy and Social Initiatives:

Beyond his artistic achievements, Shawn Faqua is recognized for his philanthropic efforts and dedication to supporting causes close to his heart. He has been associated with the Nigeria Red Cross and actively participated in volunteering activities since 2004. He was part of the Youth Against HIV and Aids Excos, working with prominent figures like former First Lady Stella Obasanjo to promote voluntary counseling testing (VCT) for HIV and Aids among the youth.

Moreover, Shawn collaborated with the Nigerian Army for the Dead Heroes Projects through his involvement in the short film “Separated.” This initiative aimed to honor fallen soldiers and provide support to their families.

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Shawn Faqua Personal Life:

Shawn Faqua is not only an artist but also a family man. He values his privacy and has kept the identity of his wife and children away from the public eye. Despite his fame, he remains grounded and cherishes simple pleasures like watching movies, dancing, playing tennis, reading, and traveling.

Shawn Faqua Net Worth:



Shawn Faqua’s journey from an electrical engineering graduate to an accomplished actor and philanthropist is truly inspiring. With his exceptional talent and dedication to social causes, he continues to make a positive impact on and off the screen. As audiences eagerly await his upcoming projects, Shawn Faqua remains a beloved figure in the hearts of Nigerians and fans worldwide.

Follow Shawn Faqua’s journey on Instagram: @shawnfaqua.

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