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Biography and Networth

Tee Mac Biography: Age, Wife, Net Worth, Children, State of Origin, Cars, House, Family, Career, Songs, Son-in-law

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Tee Mac Omatshola Iseli MFR, known professionally as Tee Mac, is a talented Nigerian musician and flautist. Born on May 17, 1948, in Lagos, he hails from cross-cultural Itsekiri and Swiss roots. Tee Mac’s musical journey has spanned over 40 years, during which he achieved great success and recognition. Let’s explore the life and career of this accomplished artist who has made significant contributions to the Nigerian entertainment industry.

 Tee Mac Early Life and Education:

Tee Mac’s passion for music and academics began at an early age. He pursued a first-class economics degree at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland, where he also focused on concert performance of classical music and philharmonic composition at the University of Lausanne.

 Tee Mac Career:

In the late 1970s, Tee Mac and his European band, Tee Mac United, released their debut LP, “United,” under Polydor International in Germany. He also worked as the musical conductor and arranger for the renowned Welsh-Nigerian vocalist, Shirley Bassey, and composed music for Cidi Croft Enterprise and Universal Films in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Tee Mac’s talent led him to perform in various countries across the globe, including the Far East, Latin America, Europe, North America, and South Africa.

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Notably, despite his international success, Tee Mac remained dedicated to supporting local Nigerian projects. He was a founding member of the Classical Music Society of Nigeria, which played a pivotal role in establishing the Muson Centre, Nigeria’s premier music school. In 2007, Tee Mac became the president of the Musician Union of Nigeria PMAN, actively working towards the advancement of the Nigerian entertainment sector.

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Aside from his music career, Tee Mac also contributed to historical preservation by serving as the Nigerian director of the Motherland Group. This group aimed to create a historical slave museum in Badagry, with the support of Michael Jackson’s brother, Marlon of The Jackson 5. Additionally, he was the chairman of FAMECorp, an organization owned by renowned Nigerian musicians and Nollywood celebrities, working on constructing movie theaters and performance halls across Nigeria.

Albums and Musical Legacy:

Throughout his illustrious career, Tee Mac released several albums, showcasing his versatility and talent. Some of his notable works include “United” (1973), “Save Me” (1974), “Party Fever” (1977), “Night Illusion” (1983), “Blind Date” (1985), and “Just Like a Dream” (2007), among others. His music spanned various genres, from pop to classical compositions, leaving a lasting impact on the music industry.

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 Tee Mac Personal Life:

Tee Mac is a loving husband and father. He is married and has been blessed with three sons named Victor, Joseph, and Kingsley, who likely share their father’s love for music.

 Tee Mac Net Worth:



Tee Mac Omatshola Iseli, known as Tee Mac, is an exceptional Nigerian musician and flautist whose career has left a significant mark on the global music landscape. His cross-cultural background, along with his dedication to both international and local projects, has made him a respected figure in the Nigerian entertainment industry. Tee Mac’s contributions and musical legacy will undoubtedly continue to inspire aspiring artists for generations to come.

Follow Tee Mac on social media: Instagram: @teemac_iseli Twitter: @Teemacomatshola

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