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“The Mysterious Murder Of Stanley Meyer”: The Man Who Invented The First-Ever Water-Powered Car

A recent video that surfaced on the internet gives an overview of the man who invented the first and only water-powered car that there’s ever been. The video has equally drawn a lot of reactions from many people.

The inventor is Stanley Meyer, and his quest to develop a water-powered car started in 1975. His reason was to secure another way of powering cars that did not involve CO2 emission. He attempted to bring it to life with a car powered by a water fuel cell.

The Man Who Invented The Water-Powered Car
The Man Who Invented The Water-Powered Car

The water fuel cell was designed to take in minimal amounts of water and have an electric current run through the liquid, which then divided into their respective elements: H and O. Hydrogen atoms would be burned, followed by a release of clean emissions, which is the ones that’ll not cause harm to the environment.

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The fuel cell was also claimed to be able to recombine the hydrogen and oxygen atoms back into water molecules, which would then be recycled to continue to fuel the cell. This aspect of the cell, however, is mathematically and scientifically impossible.

However, in 1996, Stanley Meyer paraded with his vehicle powered by water fuel cells around the country. He caught the public’s attention and investors interested in the revolutionary technology.

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But he was later taken to court for fraud because the fuel cells were already developed technology of the electrolysis fuel cell and were just being marketed as an original idea. 

However, in 1998, Stanely Meyer was met with an untimely death while in a business meeting with his brother and two potential foreign investors. He started to vomit violently and his brother claimed that Stanley’s final words were that he was poisoned. However, reports stated that he died due to a cerebral aneurysm.

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The post drew a lot of reactions from commenters who had these to say;

“Governments and private companies had him canceled because his inventions meant an end to a lot of profitable markets plus and end to a lot of the powerhouse that the government is when it comes to controlling peoples lives !”

“Anyone who knows anything about physics knows that a water powered car is inefficient, especially when compared to an electric car. In a water powered car you need batteries so they can send electricity through the water, splitting it up into hydrogen and oxygen. Then the hydrogen and oxygen get burned to produce power for the wheels to turn. Each of these steps takes energy out of the system. The less transfers of energy you have the more efficient it will be. Meaning of you have a car where the electricity from the batter goes directly to the wheels, instead of having an intermediate fuel, then you will have a more efficient car. When compared to a gas powered car, the batter has to do A LOT more work, because instead of being used primarily just to spark some spark plugs, more of the batteries electricity has to be used in order to break up those water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. A water powered car is just too inefficient. Why do you think the car was so small? He had to make it as light as possible just so it could last long enough to convince people that its viable, when in realityits just not. Theres also the problem of it using water that we need. Ya know, for living? You cant use sea water, that shit will corrode your engine in a matter of hours, so we would have to allocate way too much water, which is already starting to become pretty scarce, just so we could have water powered cars. All around its just a bad idea.”

“If that car was produced by now, i am sure we will stay out of water many years already… Just like electricity car, tbey have to ruin half of coundry amd nature of very little lithium! So its not every.”

“It never actually worked… he had a device that separated the hydrogen from the water and the hydrogen powered an internal combustion engine. But you need more energy to produce hydrogen than to just run the engine normally. And if a civilian could make that in the 90s why haven’t companies made them 25 years later? Because it doesn’t work…”


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