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Biography and Networth

Tolanibaj Biography: Age, Boyfriend, BBN, Real name, Parents, Net Worth, Wiki, Husband, Siblings, State of Origin

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Tolanibaj, whose real name is Tolani Shobajo, is a well-known Nigerian media personality and entrepreneur. Born on October 25, 1993, in Lagos, she later moved to Chicago, Illinois, in the United States for her education. During her time in the US, she faced a setback and spent some time in jail due to driving with a suspended license at the age of 21. However, she didn’t let this deter her from pursuing her dreams in the entertainment industry. Tolanibaj eventually returned to Nigeria, where she made a name for herself working with various music companies and media outlets, including Universal Music Group, Aristokrat Records, Tooexclusive, and Pulse TV. Let’s take a closer look at her early life, education, career, and personal life.

Tolanibaj Early Life and Education:

Tolanibaj was born in Lagos, Nigeria, on October 25, 1993. She later moved to Chicago, Illinois, in the United States, where she pursued her education. Unfortunately, she faced legal trouble and spent time in jail at the age of 21 due to driving with a suspended license. Despite this setback, she remained determined to succeed and eventually decided to relocate back to Nigeria to build her career in the entertainment industry. She considers this move as one of her greatest achievements to date.

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Tolanibaj Career:

After returning to Nigeria, Tolanibaj quickly made her mark in the show business world. She worked with several entertainment companies and brands, including Universal Music Group Nigeria (UMG Ng), a division of the renowned global record label Universal Music Group. While at UMG Ng, she was allegedly fired for misconduct, but this didn’t stop her from pursuing her dreams. Before her appearance on Big Brother Nigeria Season 5, Tolanibaj started her own business, a modeling and music promotion agency called “234nextgen.” The agency offers various services, including music marketing, distribution, modeling, and event management.

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Tolanibaj Big Brother Naija Journey:

Tolanibaj became a household name in Nigeria when she participated in the Big Brother Naija reality show. During her time in the BBNaija Lockdown house, she found herself entangled in a love square with fellow housemate Prince and two other female contestants, all vying for Prince’s affection. Post-show, there were rumors and speculations about her relationship with Prince, but she has since moved on with her life and career.

Tolanibaj Personal Life:

In the Big Brother Naija house, Tolanibaj was single and showed interest in fellow housemate Prince. They reportedly got intimate once after the show, but their relationship faced challenges and controversies. Prince revealed that he regretted dating her due to several accusations she made against him and his family, which led to her being alienated from some of their BBNaija friends.

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 Tolanibaj Social Media:

You can find Tolanibaj on Instagram as @tolanibaj and on Twitter as @tolanibaj, where she shares updates about her life and career.

 Tolanibaj Net Worth



Tolanibaj, a talented media personality and entrepreneur, has come a long way in her journey to success. From her early life in Lagos to her time in the United States and eventual relocation back to Nigeria, she has faced challenges with resilience and determination. Despite her experiences in the Big Brother Naija house, Tolanibaj continues to focus on her passion for entertainment and her business endeavors, making her a name to watch in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

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