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You Should Start Selling Your Car If It Shows Any Of These 10 Signs

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Did you know that you can manage your old car until it’s too late to sell it? But, there are signs that show that you need to sell that car So that you won’t be left with a broken These are the signs that you want to sell your used car. Nothing is more devastating than driving an old car that was supposed to be sold. Numerous breakdowns and expensive repair costs for poor performance and irregularities gliding with a substandard ride are terrifying.

Buying a new car can be expensive, but having a car that’s past its prime is even more expensive. man inspecting a car A specific stock sign should signal the end of the car. Here are some telltale signs that you’ll want to sell your used car quickly.

Worried that resale value won’t last

One of the things that scare you is when you find out that your car no longer has a respectable resale value. It’s devastating when it’s not. Given enough time and the driver’s realisation that this is no longer the case, the “put him” option becomes inevitable for most car owners. So if you’ve owned a car for too long, find out what it’s worth and consider that it’s probably worth less than it is now. Getting rid of a car with the worst resale value is not easy.

Your car begins to make a strange sound

This is a car that is talking to you, so you should pay attention to any strange sounds coming from your car. The squeak of the car when you apply the brakes is the brake pad indicator rubbing against the blades, which means A squeak under the hood also indicates a worn or loose serpentine belt. Cars can make a lot of noise when trouble is imminent, and none of them is good. Your car may just yell “for sale”—pay attention!

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Your car is approaching the 100,000-mile mark

Exceeding 100,000 miles on a car was once a milestone when the car was relegated to the national luxury car category. This simply means that the car is running on its rented time. Modern vehicles are allowed to travel well over 100,000 miles, which often means the car requires special care. As a rule of thumb, when you get to this point, think about unloading.

Rust becomes very visible

One of the car owner’s fears is seeing his car rust. because the oxidation is stubborn and annoying and spreads like a rash. It can be removed and mitigated, but it is difficult to contain once it spreads.

Rust can attack everything from doors and exhaust pipes to suspensions and vulnerable chassis. This is one of the first things experienced used car buyers try to recognize. If rust appears, consider removing the car while it’s still possible.

The near miss or hit has rattled your car

A near miss may make your existing car take another look. You may wonder why you almost crashed or had a blind spot. Did your rear wheel fall off? Have you been on a seaplane?

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How did your car behave during the incident in terms of braking distance and driver control? This gives you a real-world test that intuitively reveals how your car performs when you need it most and gives you a good chance to assess your car’s weaknesses.

Outdated security systems

Forbes recently compiled a list of valuable safety features in modern automobiles. These include captive cruise control, advanced emergency braking, lane departure warning, blind spot detection, and reversing cameras.

If you’re missing these modern features because they weren’t available when you bought your car, chances are you have some healthy insecurities about the car you drive.

The “Check Engine” light is on

Few self-propelled turn signals are more menacing than the doomed omen that is the “check engine” light. The meaning behind that brightness can be as innocuous as a loose gas cap or as serious as an engine failure.

If a solid Check Engine Light becomes the staple of your display and reappears every time you visit the mechanic, think about how much you love your car.

Keep putting money into maintenance 

We know that fixing an old car is cheaper than buying a new one. So it can be fixed once or multiple times, but if continuous correction seems to be the new normal, it’s time to consider it.

This can be exhausting, and it could save your next down payment, so it makes more sense to sell your car in Nigeria and start over.

Getting stranded has become the norm

If your car breaks down and you are stranded, you have to make a serious decision. Especially if you have to call your friends to pick you up when this happens. First, good car quality is dependable. Get your checklist for selling your car online or offline in Nigeria when your car is no longer reliable.

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High fuel consumption 

If you need to refuel more often than in its prime, you may have a problem with your engine’s compression. You can try a fuel cleaner, but if that doesn’t work, take the car to a mechanic to get the engine diagnosed and be prepared for the bad news. It may be time to sell.


Driving an older car can be humbling, especially when you’re in trouble. Find out which of the warning signs above apply to you. If these boxes are checked, it may be time to consider selling a used car.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are used cars good to buy in Nigeria?

Yes, the majority of them are. Prior to purchasing, it is crucial that they are in good general shape and suit your lifestyle. It is suggested that the vehicle undergo a mechanical inspection. Used automobiles are an affordable and reliable option for individuals who wish to stay within their budget.

Should I buy a car without test driving?

Test driving is mostly important if you are buying a tokunbo car, to check if you’re is any problem wrong with it before buying. That is why test driving is very important. But if you are buying a new car, you may forgo this process. 

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